Adding Web Optimization to a Web Pages Site

Adding bundling and minification (B/M) in a Web Pages site follows the same formula ASP.NET MVC and Web Forms use: Declare and register bundles. Consume bundles from within your views.  This blog entry describes the basics of using B/M in a Web Page site. For an overview and more details on B/M, see my tutorial…


InitializeSimpleMembership Attribute and SimpleMembership Exceptions

The InitializeSimpleMembership Attribute ensures that before any membership (login/register) related functionality is run, that the membership database has been created. If the database is not yet created, the code will automatically create one. If the simple membership initialization fails, the Web Application can continue to run requests that don’t require membership. Simple membership initialization failure…


Adding Bundling and Minification to Web Forms

My   B/M tutorial provides a good introduction to benefits of Bundling and Minification. You should read it to become familiar with the bundling and minification. This blog will focus on using B/M with Web Forms, my B/M tutorial focused on ASP.NET MVC. Create a new ASP.NET Web Forms application which targets the .Net 4.5 framework….


Installing and using SQL Server Data Tools (SSDT) on Visual Studio 2010 and VWD

This blog post shows how to Install SQL Server Data Tools on Visual Studio 2010 and Visual Web Developer/2010. This MSDN article, also shows how to install Install SQL Server Data Tools. Launch WPI 4.0 ( Web Platform Installer ) Select All in the left pane and Products from the top. In the search box…