Async ASP.NET MVC, Web Forms and Web API

I’m pleased to announce two new asynchronous tutorials for ASP.NET 4.5:

The .NET Framework 4.5 builds on this asynchronous support with the await and async keywords that make working with Task objects much less complex than previous asynchronous approaches.  By comparison, my previous async tutorial , Using an Asynchronous Controller in ASP.NET MVC (before the advent of await, async, and Task), is far more complex and uses a coding style unnatural to most developers.

The code for the samples is hosted on GitHub at 

You can follow the project on my GitHub repo, review the code, and provide improvements. I plan to post the tutorials in markdown on the GitHub repository, so you can contribute to (or even rewrite) the tutorial as well.
As always, comments and feedback are appreciated. With GitHub, you can now provide feedback on any line of code.

In addition to blogging, I use Twitter to make quick posts and share links. My Twitter handle is:: @RickAndMSFT

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    Explain me latest Ajax technologies

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