Managing Shared Code

Brent Simmons has some thoughts on managing shared code. Those ideas are a good start, the most important being that this code needs to be under some kind of source code management tool, preferably one with good branching/merging facilities. There are a couple of other ideas to keep in mind.  Brent’s further bifurcation of code…


BBEdit 8.5

MacWorld has a decent review of BBEdit 8.5, but it fails to mention a new feature that is of particular use to programmers. One of the features of CodeWarrior that I’d missed was the syntax highlighting that the IDE applied to symbols that were defined within the project.  In fact, I hadn’t realized just how…


Scoble’s New Adventure

The buzz around the bloggosphere is about Scoble’s New Adventure. Robert adds his own words on the subject. I’ve had a chance to meet Robert over the past couple of years, and I’ll miss his presence in the area. He threw some fun parties, and nights at Robert’s house were always interesting. You never knew…


Flying Pigs

Last July, pigs flew through Hyde Park, and yesterday they flew through Cupertino. The only thing I want to know is, of those who’ve installed Boot Camp, how many of them have dragged their task bar to the top of the screen? Rick Currently playing in iTunes: Land of Make Believe by Chuck Mangione


Another Win Office Blogger

The list of Win Office 12 bloggers is growing. The latest addition is Will Kennedy, who is the general manager of the Outlook team. Will’s a former Word developer. Before that, Will was an intern on the Mac Word 5.0 project. Back in those days, we would occasionally “name” some of our testing releases–an effect…


Veteran’s Day and Poppies

November 11 is my birthday. As a kid, I used to think it was cool that people would put flags out on my birthday. In that self-centered, woefully uninformed, way that kids view the world, I’d mistakenly thought people were putting them out for me. By the time I was six or seven, though, I…


Hitting the Office Links

No, I’m not talking about a swing around the wing. Over the past several weeks, a handful of Office 12 related blogs have started up. While these are dedicated to the work that’s happening in Windows Office, I expect quite a few people who read my blog will be interested in at least some of…


Abriendo Puertas con XML

When Win Office 2003 shipped, there was a great deal of debate as to the “openness” of Microsoft’s use of XML. The debate resurfaced with the announcement of the new Office 12 XML-based file formats, and it’s been further brought to the fore in recent days with Massachusetts’ recent decision regarding the adoption of “open”…


The MVP’s are Coming!

And some are already here. Microsoft’s global summit of Most Valued Professionals is this week. The official kick-off is tomorrow, and ends on Saturday. Scoble says he’s looking forward to seeing what the MVPs learn from us, but I get excited about what I’m going to learn from the MVPs. I’m not exaggerating when I…


KatrinaSafe–the Entourage Connection

Dan Manrique tells part of the story of, with more to come. I thought you might like to know that Rebecca Harris is currently a tester in Mac BU. Gil Gordon, Steve Friesen and Omar Shahine are former Mac BU people who’ve moved to hotmail. In any crisis situation, there is a need and…