Steve Jobs

There’s a lot being written about Steve’s passing, but I’m afraid there’s so much of it that truly misses what Steve really did for our industry. For example, Matt Yglesias asks, “Why so view?” I posted a brief comment there, but I think the point deserves a good bit of elaboration. Steve’s contribution to the…


Am I Back?

OK, so Nadyne, after posting a nice article about using PowerPoint on Mac Mojo, spilled the beans, so I suppose I should say something. Though, the fact that I wanted to title a blog post with, “Use the Right Tool for the Job and You won’t become One,” is probably more than ample evidence that I…


Craig’s Bug

One of the things I love about this job is tracking downinteresting bugs.  It’s like readinga good who-done-it, complete with plot twists, multiple potential suspects and a fascinating array of characters. Late last September, Craig Eisler submitted a bug that had all of these elements. Now, when your general manager submits a bug, you don’t necessarily…


The GM Shuffle

By now you’ve read the news.  MacBU has a new general manager.  I only found out about this via e-mail on Thursday, and, yesterday, I got a chance to meet Craig.  I’ll get to my initial impressions of Craig in a bit, but I also want to talk a bit about Roz Ho. Before I…


There Comes a Time

In every project, there’s a point where you have to stop tweaking this and touching up that little bit of behavior and focus on just fixing bugs.  If you don’t, then you never ship.  Nadyne gave some of the details over on mac mojo. Well, we’re getting close to that time with Mac Office 12. …


Lounging Around at MacWorld

MacWorld always has its surprises, but some of them are quite personal.  For me, the surprise was the discovery, at 5:20 this morning, that a previous occupant of my hotel room had set the alarm-clock but hadn’t turned off the alarm.  I’ve been told by others that my failure to check the alarm clock when…


Open XML Converters for Mac Office

There’s been a bit of flak about the Office Open XML file format converters for Mac Office.  Sheridan posted an update on MacMojo, and Schwieb weighed in regarding some of the comments that people have made.  There’s quite a bit of speculation gong on, and not a whole lot of information, so I’m going to…


Muddy Mojo Waters

Somewhere in the backroads of Issaquena County, Mississippi, along the banks of the Mississippi river, McKinley Morganfield was born.  Likely due to his early life so close to the Mississippi river, McKinley later came to be known as Muddy Waters.  The father of Chicago blues.  The man most responsible for introducing the electric guitar into the genre.  At one ponint in history, the…


Virtual PC and Visual Basic

Scene: A fly-over view of Microsoft’s campus focuses in on the building that houses Mac BU. The camera “flight” enters one of the offices through a window. During the fly-over, a voice-over says: New 3.0 GHz Mac Pro: $3,599.00 Two 23″ Apple Cinema HD Displays: $1998.00 Office space: $350.00/mo Competent developer… You get the picture….


What’s Wrong with this Code: The Answer

Bjarne Stroustrup is a brilliant man, which means he’s very good at defining programming languages. It also means he’s not very good at writing books about the programming languages he’s defined. His writing goal is concise precision. Unfortunately, for those of us who have to read what he writes, that quest for concise precision often…