Craig’s Bug

One of the things I love about this job is tracking downinteresting bugs.  It’s like readinga good who-done-it, complete with plot twists, multiple potential suspects and a fascinating array of characters. Late last September, Craig Eisler submitted a bug that had all of these elements. Now, when your general manager submits a bug, you don’t necessarily…


What the Hell is That?

Seattle.  Middle of January.  Nothing in the sky but this huge, yellow thing.  Looking at it hurts your eyes.  In that context, read this transcript. “Don’t put your lips on it!”   Rick Currently playing in iTunes: Afternoon by the Pat Metheny Group


Trading Fours

I’ve had quite a bit of positive feedback on my last post, so I thought I’d do another musical post. “Trading fours,” or “trading eights,” is a jazz term that refers to one or more soloists taking turns in a solo.  The idea is for each musician to pick up where the previous one left…


The Music of Derek Trucks

It’s mid afternoon Saturday, July 27, 2007.  The scene is Toyota Park, suburban Chicago, Illinois, home of some minor league soccer team.  We’re between acts during the Crossroads Guitar Festival, and Bill Murray walks out to introduce the next act.  A few folks in the audience have heard this guy play, and are on the…


Finding My Voice Again

Wow.  What a stretch.  We shipped the bits for Office 2008 off to manufacturing back in December, and that very day I was still in the office until 10:00 that night doing some prep work for the next release of Office.  Having been head down in Office 2008 for so long and so hard, to…