Lounging Around at MacWorld

MacWorld always has its surprises, but some of them are quite personal.  For me, the surprise was the discovery, at 5:20 this morning, that a previous occupant of my hotel room had set the alarm-clock but hadn't turned off the alarm.  I've been told by others that my failure to check the alarm clock when I checked in is a sign that I don't attend trade shows often enough.  Actually, I think I probably attend too many as it is.

Whatever the case, thanks to this inconsiderate person, the Word file format converter is now about four hours closer to being done than it would have been had said person learned how to turn the alarm clock off.  I expect, however, that those hours will revert back during an upcoming, afternoon nap.

I got a chance to chat with John Welch today, and I'm happy to inform you all that he appears to be in much better shape than he did yesterday.  And, you know, things were so busy in the Blogger Lounge, that I forgot to ask John if he's been able to check out Songlines by the Derek Trucks Band.

I've yet to get any opportunity to personally wish Shawn and Lesa a happy wedding anniversary, so I will here.  Happy anniversary, Shawn and Lesa.  In one of those cute MacWorld stories, Shawn and Lesa met at MacWorld three years ago.  Two years ago, Shawn proposed to Lesa at MacWorld, and, last year, they got married at MacWorld.  I think we should petition the event sponsors to rename MacWorld the Shawn and Lesa Wedding Anniversary Celebration.

Shawn does have a lot of pictures from the show, and a couple of cool interviews with Chuck Leavell and Bob Weir.  It seems MacWorld always has at least one musician I admire roaming the floor, but I still think my personal best was getting Herbie Hancock's autograph in the Microsoft booth a few years back.

Lastly, I almost got a chance to chat with Andy Ihnatko. I still remember Andy raking me over the coals about Mac Word 6.  I hadn't realized how much shorter than me Andy is, and that's saying quite a lot, but I still think Andy is much taller in stature.  He's still one of the best writers in the Mac commentary field.

That's about all from the Blogger Lounge.  I need to bag some z's before it's time to spend an evening with the Mac MVP's.



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Comments (3)

  1. Rick Schaut says:

    Kudos to the first person who gets the link between my currently playing in iTunes song and the content of the post.

  2. Eric Albert says:

    Sorry I missed you — I stopped by to introduce myself but you were talking to John at the time and I didn’t want to interrupt.  I did get to meet Erik and Nadyne later, though.  It was great to finally be able to put faces to names for some of the MacBU folks.

  3. Rick Schaut says:

    Dang, Eric, but it would have been good to have met you.  I don’t think John would have minded, and we could have done a three-way introduction.

    But, I’m glad you got to put some faces on the names.

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