The OOF Infinite Loop

I’m surprised that I haven’t hit this before at Microsoft, but I actually hit an OOF infinite loop today. For those who don’t know, “OOF” is an acronym that refers to someone being out of the office.  The Exchange team gives a nice run-down on the history the term here. When people are out of…


The GM Shuffle

By now you’ve read the news.  MacBU has a new general manager.  I only found out about this via e-mail on Thursday, and, yesterday, I got a chance to meet Craig.  I’ll get to my initial impressions of Craig in a bit, but I also want to talk a bit about Roz Ho. Before I…


Your Text Here

On one of the many informational, internal e-mail lists of which I am a member, someone, today, posted one of those ubiquitous “How-Do-I” requests where the solution involves some form of “your text here”. Someone replied with a nice and quick answer to the original question where the “your text here” phrase was “booga booga,” and the…

There Comes a Time

In every project, there’s a point where you have to stop tweaking this and touching up that little bit of behavior and focus on just fixing bugs.  If you don’t, then you never ship.  Nadyne gave some of the details over on mac mojo. Well, we’re getting close to that time with Mac Office 12. …


John Madden?

Kinda makes ya wonder…   Rick Currently playing in iTunes: Boom! Boom! by John Lee Hooker


Lounging Around at MacWorld

MacWorld always has its surprises, but some of them are quite personal.  For me, the surprise was the discovery, at 5:20 this morning, that a previous occupant of my hotel room had set the alarm-clock but hadn’t turned off the alarm.  I’ve been told by others that my failure to check the alarm clock when…