Mac Office 2004 Resource Kit

Looks like we've updated the Mac Office Resource Kit to Version 2. The Resource Kit is a guide for system administrators and other IT professionals who manage and support Office on a network. We have other deployment documentation that can be found on the main Resource Kit page on MacTopia. Details on the Resource Kit for Mac Office 2004 can be found here.

Some key changes between Version 1 and Version 2 are:

  • A major new section that guides the system administrator through the Office 2004 deployment process, taking advantage of standard Apple software such as Workgroup Manager, Apple Remote Desktop, and PackageMaker. Topics include:
    • Creating a custom Office 2004 installation
    • Procedures for several different methods of Office deployment
    • Managing preferences on user computers
  • Topics about using Office 2004 with related Microsoft products, including:
      Expanded information about integrating Office 2004 into an Exchange Server environment

    • Expanded information about working with Messenger for Mac and Live Communications Server
    • New information about working with SharePoint, Internet Security and Acceleration (ISA) Server, and Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) and SQL Server
  • Expanded information about configuring Office 2004 programs, Virtual PC for Mac, and Messenger for Mac.
  • A new Maintenance section that describes the tasks and issues associated with updating and maintaining Office 2004 after deployment.
  • Updated and improved coverage of security issues.
  • A list of online resources that provide additional information helpful for deploying, administering, and using Office 2004.

We've also started planning the next release of the Resource Kit and other documentation. This is a good opportunity to provide feedback. You can take this open ended survey. The survey period ends on July 10th. You can also provide further information by sending e-mail to Mac IT Pro Feedback (

Lastly, we're looking for a few volunteers to help us improve our understanding of some approaches to Mac Office deployment and operations. If you’re interested, please see details on the survey page.



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