Flying Pigs

Last July, pigs flew through Hyde Park, and yesterday they flew through Cupertino.

The only thing I want to know is, of those who've installed Boot Camp, how many of them have dragged their task bar to the top of the screen?


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  1. Joshua Ochs says:

    Nah, if it’s Windows, it’s Windows. Run it as it was meant to be run (except please run it with the Classic theme!).

    It’s been a fun couple days! I’m quite impressed with both Boot Camp and Parallels.

  2. RMansfield says:


    Just make sure your company keeps VirtualPC alive. I have no desire to restart my computer everytime I occasionally want to run a Windows program.

    I blogged on this subject yesterday:



  3. I always have task bar at the top of the screen and I have been doing it since Windows 95. It has nothing to do with Macs, it do it for two reasons:

    1. I have to move mouse less. Application menu and system menu on top means less mouse travel.

    2. It is really weird to me to have menus at the bottom. Start button does show a menu and I like to to show up normally – from top to bottom.

    Now, it only someone fixed a bug in USER32 that places applications under the taskbar when it is on top…

  4. Priit says:

    I did, or didin’t actually yet, but i have kept it on the top from 1999-2004, during my entire windows laptop era 🙂 And I definetely will keep it again.

  5. Shahram says:

    I don’t know about Virtual PC. Perhaps for legacy support of pre-Leopard computers. I’ve got a sneaky feeling that Windows might just be the new classic on x86 leopard….

    oh well… we’ll see 🙂

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