New Mac BU Blogger

We have a new Mac BU blogger this month. Nadyne is a usability engineer who works down in the Silicon Valley Campus (affectionately known as "SVC"). Nadyne's latest gives a nice rundown of some recent Apple news.

Stop by, and say, "Hi." Though I can't say that using my name will get you any special favors.



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Comments (9)

  1. Corentin says:

    Thanks for the info Rick,


  2. Corentin says:

    Hum… how do we say "Hi!"?? Comments don’t seem to be open on the site :-


  3. Rick Schaut says:

    I think there was a problem with Community Server earlier today, but comments appear to be back up now.

  4. Corentin says:

    >but comments appear to be back up now.

    Nope… :’-(

  5. Rick Schaut says:

    I’ll bet that Nadyne has anonymous comments turned off, ’cause I’m able to add a comment.

  6. Corentin says:

    I tried Safari, OmniWeb, Opera, FireFox and Explorer on my Mac and I couldn’t find any way to post. I even launched VPC and tried to post using IE and still couldn’t find out how to do it.

    1) I am an idiot and can’t find how to post.

    2) I am having a bad day and I’m missing the obvious

    3) there is a trick and I can’t find it (eg: I must have an account on blogs.msdn for instance).

    In any case I can’t find how to post comments on his site :’-(

    If you have a chance, tell Nadyne directly I say "Hi!"… That’ll be easier ;-)))


  7. Corentin says:

    OK, I found it… It’s option 3… The interface never warns you about that, but you can only see the proper links if you have a blogs.msdn account. I found the links to create one and not I see a serie of links on the bottom of the pages that never were accessible to me before…

    Thanks again Rick 🙂


  8. Thanks for the welcome. 🙂

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