Feeling Antinomial

Today's theme seems to be names. Dave Winer and Kosso are wondering about Robert Scoble's middle initial. Sorry, Robert, but I've already staked a claim to having all the relevant initials.

On almost related note of vanity, having a last name that happens to be a common verb in some other language makes for a Feedster search that will occasionally turn up a movie review that you can't read. Google searches tend to suffer from a similar problem of turning up multiple web sites that have the German equivalent of "Click here to view guest book." I knew I should have taken German in high school.



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  1. Ralph says:

    Rick: the German verb "schauen" means "to look at sth." (etwas anschauen), or with another preposition "to visit" (vorbei schauen), therefore you might get guest book links. Your name is the third person singular of this verb, i.e. "er / sie / es schaut" (he / she / it is looking) – just thought you might want to know.

    Another interesting curiosity regarding names: on the IE blog, there once was a commenter (an American) whose surname was "Herrin" – which is the German word for mistress. However, apparently this commenter did not like to hear about it, and during that discussion I was reminded that my first name is an American slang word for "to vomit" – so I guess "Schaut" is still quite favorable 😉

  2. Ralph says:

    Thinking some more about the guest book thing, I noticed that I forgot another thing: "schaut" is also the 2nd person plural and the imparative, so probably the link said "Schaut doch mal in mein Gästebuch!" ("Come and have a look at my guest book")

    (End of German language lesson, I promise – it’s damn late anyway on my side of the pond 😉

  3. Jaharmi says:

    After I get over this <i>initial</i> shock, I want to know how many “TPS reports” Andy has in his shared calendar. 🙂

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