Can’t Write

Can't Write

I had wanted to post the follow-up article I’d promised in my last post. But, like Heather Leigh, I’m having difficulty even focusing on what I want to say.

I do most of my writing in the morning after I wake up. It’s part of a morning routine that includes grabbing a cup of coffee, firing up NewNewsWire, and turning on CNN and/or MSNBC.

Well, the news of the past few mornings has been too devastating. Even now, MSNBC is reporting a death toll in excess of 114,000, nearly 80,000 in Indonesia alone. News like this weighs so heavily on my heart, that writing anything about software and how we make it strikes me as simply inane.

So, please accept my apologies for the delay. While you’re waiting, I’ll echo Rob Griffith’s remarks, and suggest that, if you haven’t already, give in such a way that, as your own circumstances permit, provides the maximum relief.



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  1. schwa says:

    A very honest & brave posting.

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