Vanity License Plates

Vanity License Plates

Mike Hall blogs about vanity license plates around Redmond.
I’ve already mentioned Bruce Oberg’s “OTTFFSS” (One Two Three...). Tom
Saxton, another former Mac Word developer, still has a vanity plate that reads “FE06,”
which is a single-instruction infinite loop in MC68K machine language.
Unfortunately, the equivalent PowerPC instruction requires 8 letters.

I had once considered getting
a license plate that read “EFUN,”but it involves such an obscure bit of Hungarian Notation that even the vast
majority of Microsoft developers wouldn’t get the joke. The “e” prefix stands
for “element in the domain of” whatever follows the prefix—in this case,
element in the domain of fun. Arguably, any cool toy is an EFUN.

But, to date, the best vanity license plate I’ve ever seen, by far, was on a VW beetle. It read, “FEATURE.”



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  1. Anonymous Coward says:

    Around the VS buildings, I’ve seen "RUNTIME", "HTTPDEV" and "VCROCKS". I’ve also seen "MSN 808" which probably isn’t intentional, but I like to think of it as a vehicular homage to Microsoft Bob…

  2. My 1988 Porsche 911 has a license plate that reads 038F. Why?

  3. Rick Schaut says:

    038f hexadecimal equals 911 decimal

  4. B.Y. says:

    Does Gates have WINDOWS ?

  5. Bruce Oberg says:

    Tom Saxton’s license is actually 60FE, and this is indeed an infinite loop in the 68K instruction set. The funny part is that his wife, Cathy, has the equivalent instruction for the 80×86 instruction set (EBFE, i believe). He was a long time Mac Word guy while she was a long time Win Word gal. But love knows no such distinctions :).

  6. Rick Schaut says:

    Hm… I could have sworn that Tom’s plate was FE06. Perhaps I’ve spent too much time looking at byte-swapped data…

    Forgot about Cathy’s plate, but, that’s correct. The Mac vs Win dev connection made it funnier still.

  7. Greg Baker says:

    Catching up on everyone’s blog and couldn’t help chiming in on this one. My Florida 2000 New Beetle tag is Y2KBUG



  8. Ronnie G says:

    I had this oakte issued as I was a finishing my 27 years with the deparment. Who coulf know that it would take up a new neaning. Imgoing back to my 666 license plate.

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