Got Milk?


Got Milk?


From time to time, I check my referral logs to see who’s
been linking to my posts.  A vast
majority of the links are Google searches, and I usually just skip over
those.  But the interesting thing
about the Google referrals is that they’ll include the search terms in the
URL.  So, once in a while, I’ll
look at the Google URL.


Well, yesterday, someone did a search for lucern milk oregon,
and Google very kindly included my discussion href="">of commoditization of
software in its list of matching web pages.


Of course, today is April 1.  Anyone want to venture a guess as to which of my posts has
been googled the most over the past few days?




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  1. TjL says:

    Yeah I’ve got a few interesting ones, and a few scary ones too.

    For some reason several people have come to my site after asking Google "What do I do if the baby falls off the bed?" I have no idea why this matched my site (although I do have cute pictures of my kid [see URL] there are none of him falling off a bed.)

    Anyway, I came looking for Office 2004 for Mac information after reading the Mac World review a few issues back. I’ve been anxiously awaiting the "IT SHIPPED!" post ever since although I know MS has said "first part of 2004" which means 11:59 p.m. Pacific Time on the last day of Q2. (any in case anyone wants to bust MS for this, Steve Jobs and Co. have done the exact same thing with OSX releases.)

    Anyway, it’s fun to read and I hope it is going well, and no I don’t expect you to say anything more until you can say something more.

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