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I’ve tended to avoid the echo-chamber effect of linking to other msdn/aspnet blogs, but I’m going to make an exception to this general rule to point out that Larry Osterman, of the Exchange team, has started his own blog.


I’ve made this exception for two reasons (well, actually three).  The first is that people have commented on my near fourteen-year tenure at Microsoft.  Well, Larry’s been here since 1984.  I’ll bet Larry has a story or two to tell (like the history of the high-bouncy rubber balls?).  Larry has also offered a number of insightful comments both to posts on my blog and to posts on other people’s blogs.  As Scoble would say, subscribed.


The second is that I know Larry personally from working with him outside of Microsoft.  Both of our families have been involved in the Wellington Elementary PACE program in Woodinville.  The PACE program involves a lot of parental volunteer work both inside and outside the classroom, and I’ve found both working in the program and working with Larry to be a very rewarding experience.  Larry certainly falls within the category of “cool” people I’ve worked with both inside and outside of Microsoft.


Oh, and the third?  Well, we have a tool that we use in building both Win and Mac Office to manage all strings that are used in the UI of any Office application.  It’s called the Office String Manager, or OSTRMAN, which, not surprisingly, has the same pronunciation as Larry’s last name.


Welcome to the bloggosphere, Larry.




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  1. Adam Kinney says:

    Hey no pressure on your conscience with that one RIck. That wasn’t an Echo. That was like a well done extended remix with deleted scenes readded.

    Thanks for the extra context and now I will for sure subscribe to Larry Osterman.

    There now the pressure is on Larry to provide interesting content 🙂

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