We Don’t Need No Steenkin’…

As I type this, I'm listening to some "Ten Years After" being played on an ELP model LT-1LRC laser turntable routed through a CounterPoint pre-amp/amp combo system into some Carver Planar speakers. Kinda makes you want to say "piffle" to the whole ACC vs. WMA thing, and I'm really having a hard time getting Alfonso Bedoya's famous line out of my head.

Of course, when I look at the price tag for all this stuff, a different meaning for Bedoya's line comes to mind...


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  1. Teresa says:




  2. Gary Coyne says:


    Thank you very much for your fascinating story on Word 6. Absolutely one of the most fascinating explanations I’ve ever read on the subject. Proving once again that honesty is much more compelling and "argument-stopping" than anything a fiction writer could possibly dream up.

    By the way, this is linked to the "we don’t need no …" comment because you prevented a more direct mechanism.


    Gary Coyne

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