Windows 8 Keyboard Shortcuts

In case you are as frustrated as I am of using a non-touch device to command a touch OS here is the following is a list of Windows 8 keyboard shortcuts:

To activate the shortcut press the Windows Key + the listed key…

B – Move focus to notification tray
C – Show Charms menu
D – Show Windows desktop
E – Launch Windows Explorer
F – Show Metro File Search screen
G – Cycle through desktop Gadgets
H – Show Metro Share panel
I – Show Metro Settings panel
J – Switches focus between snapped Metro applications
K – Show the Devices panel
L – Lock PC
M – Minimise all Windows on the desktop
O – Lock device orientation
P – Choose between available displays (Projector)
Q – Show Metro Search screen
R – Show Run Dialogs
T – Cycle through Taskbar icons
U – Show Ease of Access Centre
V – Cycle through toast notifications
W – Show Metro Settings Search panel
X – Show Power User Commands or Mobility Centre
Z – Show the App Bar
1 to 9 – Show/Launch Application from Taskbar
Page Up/Down – Moves tiles to the left/right
Tab – Switch between applications
, (comma) – Aero Peek (desktop)
. (full stop) – Snap Metro style app to right side of the screen
Shift . (full stop) – Snap Metro style app to the left side of the screen
Space – Switch input language and keyboard layout
Enter – Launch Narrator
Arrow keys – Aero Snap (desktop)

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