I’m Out

Today’s my last day here at Microsoft, and as of now, this blog is locked down.  But, my BizTalk party will continue over at http://seroter.wordpress.com.  Thanks to all who have contributed, and see you on the other side. Technorati tags: BizTalk


Leaving Microsoft …

Next Thursday, 1/11/07 will be my last day at Microsoft.  I’ve decided to take an “Architect” position with one of my customers in the Los Angeles area.  It was a tough choice to leave my great colleagues and customers, but I’m fairly jazzed about the new opportunities I now have. So, much like Han Solo in The…


Back In Town, And Commerce Server Best Practices Analyzer

Just returned from a pleasant 10-day vacation to London and Edinburgh and am ready to get back to work. A few musings … If you live in the LA area, I recommend NOT using LA Limo Service for transportation. I got a call an hour before my pickup saying they had to cancel because the…


Compelling Article on Ray Ozzie and Microsoft Strategy

Not integration-related from a BizTalk sense, but this article in Fortune about Ray Ozzie and the changes at Microsoft has a lot to do with integration of vision and products at this company. Just a fascinating read, and reassures me that I made the right choice joining Microsoft 12 months ago. Technorati Tags: Microsoft

Virtual Server 2005 R2 Now Free (And Supporting Linux)

Nice! We announced today (see HERE and HERE and HERE) that Virtual Server 2005 R2 is a free download, and, will host Linux. I’m preparing some materials for an upcoming 5-day lab for SoCal customers, and we’ll be building a BizTalk Server farm in Virtual Server.


Windows Workflow in ASP.NET Apps

Very very nice article in this month’s MSDN Magazine that goes into great depth explaining how to use Windows Workflow from an ASP.NET application (or service). I may have to re-jigger my Sharepoint-WF-BizTalk post from a few weeks back using this updated info. Also, from the same MSDN issue, see some props to my man…

Using Business Rules Engine "Update" for Forward Chaining

Fitting that my 100th post is on the same topic as one of my first, the Business Rules Engine. The other day I had a customer ask me about a problem they had while executing a business rule on a repeating element where the result was not what they expected. The scenario consisted of multiple…


Microsoft RFID Platform Offering Explained

We just published a paper on the upcoming Microsoft RFID offering, and it’s actually fairly informative. It covers the basic background, ideal applications, issues with current solutions, and finally a dive into our platform (which is currently in beta) and how it adds value. Check out how BizTalk can play such a key role in…


Windows Workflow + SharePoint 2003 + BizTalk Scenario Built Out

So I had a use case from a customer to build a sample using BizTalk Server, Windows Workflow Foundation, and Windows SharePoint Services 2003. It was an interesting journey, and wanted to show how I got all these pieces to play nicely. Before diving into each technical component, here’s a summary of the use case….


Nice Free AJAX Library from Yahoo!

This has nothing to do with BizTalk, but I’m just really impressed with the new, free collection of AJAX utilities and controls that Yahoo! just made available. Solid utility classes (animation, drag-drop), and nice UI controls (calendar, treeview). I’m working in my free time on something that could make very good use of this. Hat…