Host Integration, BizTalk Adapters CTP Now Available

Very nice job by the Host Integration Server team for getting both the HIS 2006 CTP and BizTalk Adapters for Host Systems CTP out on schedule. This CTP release (code name “Dawson”) really demonstrates some great innovations for making IBM-interop a reality on .NET 2.0 systems. Host Integration Server is actually one of the most…


Paper On Choosing the Appropriate Microsoft Integration Technology

We’ve pushed out a paper to MSDN that highlights when to use which technology for integration. Called Understanding Microsoft Integration Technologies – A Guide to Choosing a Solution , this white paper lays out recommendations for when to use Indigo, MSMQ, SQL Service Broker, SSIS, HIS and BizTalk. A must read.


Links To Help Understand Host Integration Concepts

There are estimates that as much as 70% of overall business data resides in IBM host systems, thus making Host Integration Server such an interesting part of an (SOA) architecture. Being able to interact with the data and applications that reside in those mainframes and midrange servers (without leaving a footprint) as .NET web services…


Upcoming HIS and SQL Server 2005 Webcast

If you’re thinking about integrating your IBM mainframe data with SQL Server 2005, check out this webcast on Thursday. The webcast, TechNet Webcast: Integrating Existing Information in IBM DB2 using SQL Server 2005 and Host Integration Server, is by HIS group manager Paul Larsen.


Getting rolling …

Greetings.  I expect to use this space to discuss best practices, tips, code, product roadmaps and more around BizTalk Server, HIS, and Commerce Server.   I’ve been working with BizTalk Server since the beta of BizTalk Server 2000 nearly five years ago when Avanade was just getting started.  I joined Microsoft as a Technology Specialist fairly…