Selectively "Eating" Messages in BizTalk Send Ports

This week I met with a healthcare customer who is using BizTalk to build a robust publish-subscribe architecture. One component of this involves making last second decisions to either send or “eat” messages going out to a send adapter. I put together a quick sample to demonstrate how you can selectively eat messages on the…


Processing Binary Documents Through BizTalk Via Web Services

Just finishing up a two-week BizTalk Proof of Concept where I demonstrated an easier way to manage B2B interactions between a large insurance company and their vendors. This post is focused on one part of the solution that accepts binary messages via web services, and uses BizTalk to extract the message and send to SharePoint….


"Bloggers Guide to BizTalk" Refresh

I was searching around for something else this morning, but came across an updated edition of the Bloggers Guide to BizTalk. GotDotNet says “6/30/06” as the timestamp, while the Guide itself has a last update mention of “12/19/05”. Whichever it is, make sure you have the latest copy sitting on your machine. Instead of firing…


People Ready Process with BPM and BizTalk

“People-Ready Process Through Business Process Management (BPM).” That’s our just-articulated vision for BPM using Microsoft technologies. We see BPM not as just a technology solution, but something Gartner calls a “management discipline.” However, we’re claiming that the Microsoft stack can get you through the four main phases of BPM (model/design –> develop/deploy –> manage/interact –>…

Set Dynamic Destination File Name With BizTalk Server 2006

I’ve been asked a couple times recently about generating message out of BizTalk Server with a dynamically-set file name. Here are 3 primary ways of setting this value. In the scenario I built here, it’s a basic “stock order” situation, where the order is received, and an output file is created with a file name…