Compelling Article on Ray Ozzie and Microsoft Strategy

Not integration-related from a BizTalk sense, but this article in Fortune about Ray Ozzie and the changes at Microsoft has a lot to do with integration of vision and products at this company. Just a fascinating read, and reassures me that I made the right choice joining Microsoft 12 months ago. Technorati Tags: Microsoft

Host Integration, BizTalk Adapters CTP Now Available

Very nice job by the Host Integration Server team for getting both the HIS 2006 CTP and BizTalk Adapters for Host Systems CTP out on schedule. This CTP release (code name “Dawson”) really demonstrates some great innovations for making IBM-interop a reality on .NET 2.0 systems. Host Integration Server is actually one of the most…


Contract-First Development With BizTalk Server (And A Gotcha)

In my last MSDN webcast I briefly demonstrated true contract-first development using BizTalk with schemas and orchestrations. I wanted to walk through the steps here, and point out a huge “gotcha” that stumped me for a bit. So I started constructing this sample app to prove that I could build out and deploy my contract…


First Look: BizTalk 2006 Best Practices Analyzer

So I got permission to give you all a first look at the upcoming BizTalk 2006 Best Practices Analyzer (BPA) and wanted to run you through a quick review. This tool scans your infrastructure, and flags irregular configurations, incomplete implementations, and much more. It reminds me a lot of our Baseline Security Analyzer. Before I…


New Virtual Lab Express for BizTalk 2006

Check out the brand new Virtual Lab Express offering, and most importantly, the new BizTalk one. These Express Labs are really easy to register for, and give you a short burst of technology in a hands-on fashion. Take them for a spin.

Virtual Server 2005 R2 Now Free (And Supporting Linux)

Nice! We announced today (see HERE and HERE and HERE) that Virtual Server 2005 R2 is a free download, and, will host Linux. I’m preparing some materials for an upcoming 5-day lab for SoCal customers, and we’ll be building a BizTalk Server farm in Virtual Server.