Programming Updates

Couple updates. First, I'm now delivering another MSDN webcast next week. I've been suckered into delivering

End-to-End Scenarios: Creating Service-Oriented Solutions with BizTalk Server 2006
which is a look into the patterns and implementation
of one of the great new scenarios that ships with BizTalk Server 2006. Check it out.

Also, we've filled the BizTalk product team void that's existed a bit since Scott left. Some of our fearless leaders have begun a the
BizTalk Server Team Blog. They've promised to keep it up to date with useful
resources and announcements, so go ahead and subscribe. Plus, they've linked to my blog, which makes them ok in my book.

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  1. reBlogger says:

    Thanks for the notification of the new BTS blog. We collect the blogs and posts and have a fantastic archive here:


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