Commerce Server 2006 Tidbits

I got Commerce Server 2006 installed a couple days ago, and must say, it has clearly the best documentation I've ever seen for a beta product. Now it's by no
means complete, but we've got some substantial topics covered, and low-level APIs explained.

Some of the good things I've messed around with on Commerce Server 2006 so far are ...

  • Using the new ASP.NET 2.0 authentication controls but actually using the robust Commerce Server 2006 Profile Subsystem as the membership provider
  • Brand new Inventory Subsystem
  • Great BizTalk adapters for integrating with subsystems

Obviously tons more good stuff. The "todo" list is focused on deeper understanding of the API, but also on infrastructure and the new staging functionality. I'm fortunate enough to be attending some
internal Commerce Server training in two weeks, so I'll definitely post on the cool things we build out!

Did you see the new video by Scoble on Channel 9 about Commerce Server 2006?
Check out his chat with our Commerce Server poo-bah Ryan Donovan.

Comments (2)

  1. Bilderbach says:

    I am trying to setup cs2006 and ran into a snag when working through all the post install steps…the <ApplicationName>_commerce database is missing, I have tried to reinstall a number of times but no luck. Where can i get some help with this?

  2. The documentation is actually incorrect. That database is left over from the CS 2002 install instructions. You’re not missing anything.

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