BizTalk Article in November MSDN Magazine

This month’s issue of MSDN magazine has a feature on BizTalk Server by Aaron Skonnard. It’s a fairly good introductory read into the architecture and engine and would be a good resource for someone looking to gain a basic knowledge of what the heck BizTalk is. Take a look.


Processing PDFs (or anything else!) in BizTalk Orchestrations

So you’re probably aware that you can pass virtually any file (*.exe, *.dll, *.xls) through BizTalk Server’s messaging components, but did you also know that you can pass just about anything through an Orchestration process as well? If you want to pass, say, a Microsoft Word document through the BizTalk Messaging Engine, you’d simply set…


BizTalk 2006 MCP Certification Upgrades

Not sure if you’ve seen the latest changes to the Microsoft Certified Professional Program, but with so many upcoming products being launched, it’s useful to reevaluate your current credentials, or consider new ones. The Microsoft Certification FAQ has a ton of good question/answer combos, and specifically calls out the BizTalk Server 2006 certification options. Looks…


Upcoming BizTalk Webcasts, And Honeymoon Recap

… and I’m back. First of all, there are a couple BizTalk webcasts coming up over the next month that you should mark on your calendars. Marty Wasznicky is presenting a webcast on 11/03 entitled Design Human Workflow Solutions with BizTalk Server 2004 that is NOT a focus on HWS, but rather, demonstrates a very…


Couples Weeks Off, And Upcoming Topics

So I’ll be going dark here for a couple weeks as I head off on vacation (getting married, and no live-blogging of the honeymoon). However, I’ve got a few things queued up when I get back, including my experiences building J2EE web services to integrate with BizTalk, how to build an alternate business-focused Business Rules…


Updated BizTalk Server 2006 FAQ

The BPI Customer Response team has just added some more FAQs from TAP customers of BizTalk Server 2006. Some good questions and answers around custom adapters, VS.NET 2005 and Yukon, upgrade options and more. Check it out.