Commerce Server 2006 Updates

Just in case you haven't checked out the Microsoft Commerce Server site in a while, we recently posted a data sheet for the Commerce Server 2006 product which highlights major new areas and throws some screenshots at you.

We also have a separate page up that goes over the primary improvements. Check it out.

Also, this year at PDC I'll be hanging out at the Commerce Server booth for a couple hours a day, so stop by and say hi! We're handing out all sorts of good stuff, included CDs containing the latest Tech Preview of Commerce Server 2006. I just loaded it on my machine, and am pretty pleased so far. Screenshots to follow.

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  1. Did you ever wonder what is happening with Commerce Server in the light of all the all other product…

  2. edee says:

    How can I get a copy of the Tech Preview of Commerce Server 2006?

    My client is interested in checking it out again. In the past, they found the earlier version of Commerce Server lacking in some of the features they are looking for.


  3. Hi,

    I have question about integration of Biztalk server 2006 with Navaition 4.0 SP1? is it working or not?

    I want to run Navision 4.0 SP1 with Biztalk server 2006, Commerce server 2006 and SQL 2005. I find that i can use Navision 4.0 with SQL 2005 but now seraching answer for Biztalk 2006 and Commercer server 2006.

    Waiting for positive reply.

    Best Regards,

    Rashid Ali Awan

  4. For those looking for the TechPreview, right now it’s internal only. The upcoming beta will be available soon.

  5. Hey Rashid,

    There’s no native integration between the MBS products (Navision, Great Plains, etc) with BizTalk or Commerce Server. The most frequent way people interact with MBS solutions via BizTalk (or Commerce Server) is through the exposed web services, or, going against the API.

  6. A. Basuri says:


    Anyone out there trying with Commerce server 2006 in VS 2005 on Windows OS 2003 . I’m facing  a strange problem when trying to creat a new Commerce C# ASP.NET Web Application in VS 2005, after showing the new web site creation wizard on clicking OK Commerce Server Project Wizard comes and on clicking NEXT it gives an error message  as "Unable to create the Web ‘http://localhost/WebSite‘. Visual Web Developer does not support creating Web sites on a SharePoint Web server.". I’m working on the remote machine where the OS 2003 and all these are installed along with Sharepoint Server. I’m unable to figure out why this problem is coming ? and why it is asking for sharepoint server, rather that IIS server or COmmerce Server?



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