Commerce Server 2006 Tidbits

I got Commerce Server 2006 installed a couple days ago, and must say, it has clearly the best documentation I’ve ever seen for a beta product. Now it’s by no means complete, but we’ve got some substantial topics covered, and low-level APIs explained. Some of the good things I’ve messed around with on Commerce Server…


Versioning and Re-Deploying BizTalk Server 2006 Applications

A couple posts ago I walked through the new packaging and deployment process in BizTalk Server 2006. In this post, I want to spend some time reviewing some real-life scenarios such as deploying new versions and only deploying certain new items. One update from the last post. The Import process that is run on the…


Commerce Server 2006 Beta Out, BizTalk Deployment Post Followup

So, indeed we got the Commerce Server Beta1 out the door before Christmas. I’m pulling it down right now, and will hopefully get it installed tomorrow or early next week. I’ll share my experience for those of you less brave. Also, as a follow up to my post the other day on packaging and deploying…


How To Package and Deploy BizTalk 2006 Applications

Packaging and deploying your BizTalk applications has been made significantly easier in BizTalk Server 2006, and I wanted to show the steps necessary in this post. My first step, of course, was to build a working BizTalk solution. It’s a simple scenario where I pick up an “order” file, process it through an orchestration which…


BizTalk Server 2006 SAP Adapter CTP Released

The BizTalk Server 2006 Beta adapters keep coming. Today’s you’ll find the Tech Preview of the MySAP adapter on BetaPlace. Looks like “this service pack is focused on providing SAP connectivity to participants in the BizTalk Server 2006 beta program as well as a roll-up of fixes to date to the existing SAP Adapter.” Also,…


BizTalk Server 2006 Beta Accelerators Available

Looks like we’ve released all of the Beta BizTalk Accelerators for review on BetaPlace. So if you’re looking at doing HIPPA, HL7 or RosettaNet transactions with BizTalk 2006, you can now begin to review those great bits.


Launch Event in SoCal Tomorrow

Tomorrow’s the Southern California launch event for Visual Studio.NET/SQL/BizTalk and if you’re at the Anaheim convention center tomorrow, drop by either of the two BizTalk sessions that I’m delivering. My day will start at 6:30 and wrap up by about 9pm, so odds are that I’ll be a corpse at the end of the day.


BizTalk Beta2 MOM Pack Available, and Beta2 Install Experience

Looks like the BizTalk Beta2 MOM Pack is available on BetaPlace. Good stuff for you MOM folks out there. So I got the BizTalk Server Beta 2 installed last night, and for the most part, went off pretty well. I first tried to simply uninstall BizTalk Server 2006 Community Tech Preview and the supporting applications…


Interesting Community BizTalk Adapter

Just noticed a new community-developed BizTalk adapter, and thought I’d pass the word on. The BizTalk Scheduled Task Adapter on GotDotNet looks like an interesting way to use BizTalk alongside tasks that run on set occasions. Also, good comments on my last post about how to use the SQL adapter on multiple machines. Some nice…


BizTalk SQL Adapter Advice Requested

So I may be demonstrating my SQL Server ignorance, but I need some advice from you all. Let’s say I have the scenario I’ve drawn out below: That is, I have the SQL adapter running on two BizTalk Servers, each executing a stored procedure every 2 seconds. That procedure needs to return them the TOP50…