A few good men: the next SourceSafe servicing release, recruiting, and you

Many of you have wondered aloud when VSS 2005 SP1 will finally arrive.  I can’t answer that yet, because the answer may be “never.”  Fortunately, that’s just semantics, as we’ll see in a moment.  I do have some information for you today — all of it good — as well as a way you can help….


SourceSafe users, update your bookmarks! Alin Constantin’s homepage has moved

Power users should be familiar with the great work Alin did during his time on the SourceSafe team.  He was one of the most active forum participants and compiled a great set of tips on his personal website.  Not to mention his extensive development on the product itself. Until now, his website was hosted on…


DST 2007 issues in SourceSafe

The rules for U.S. daylight savings time are changing in 2007.  SourceSafe cares about time zones, so you should too.  Complete details are in KB article 931804.  To quote one section heading, “If you do not update the servers and client computers, you may lose check-in information”.  There, do I have your attention now? 🙂  [Thanks…


SourceSafe on Vista part 2

I want to expand on the Microsoft support lifecycle policy I mentioned before.  To reiterate, VSS 2005 gets “mainstream” support for quite some time while 6.0 will enter “extended” this July.  I won’t repeat everything in the support doc (read it!).  Bottom line, the bar for non-security hotfixes to 6.0 is a lot higher.  Furthermore, there…


Clarifying SourceSafe support on Vista

Amid all the furor over Whidbey SP1 and the forthcoming Vista GDR, there hasn’t been any statement on what it all means for SourceSafe users.  Rest assured we have some official KB articles in the works.  But I think it’s important to share this info with the community as soon as possible — if anything I’m…


Another solution to "Get Latest on Checkout"

As most SourceSafe users have probably discovered by now, TFS does not get the latest version of a file on checkout.  I’ve seen the online debates continue long after we shipped, but as far as I’m concerned Doug Neumann (by way of Buck) and Ed Hintz wrote the definitive explanations last year. Meanwhile, we did…


An introduction, 1350 posts later

On the Microsoft forums, that is…no, I didn’t suddenly eclipse Raymond.   As you probably haven’t noticed, this blog has lain dormant for 18 months.  (if blog with no readers falls by the wayside, does it make a sound?)  Meanwhile, the last 11 months have seen a wild experiment in direct customer interaction.  If you have a question…