SourceSafe 2005 Update is available for download!

I'm very pleased to announce that the wait is over.  Today the first official update for SourceSafe 2005 went live on the web.  Download away -- it's only 3.5MB.

To quickly bring new readers up to date: this update is a rollup of 64 VSS bug fixes.  We focused hard on customer pain points; almost 3/4 of these fixes came directly from people like you filing bugs on Connect and/or calling Customer Support.  The result is a variety of improvements to performance, stability, and reliability, plus a few long-time annoyances.  In addition, we focused on compatibility with VS 2008 and Vista.  I've gone into detail on those topics before so I won't repeat myself. 
Vista part1 part2

On the other hand, if you've stayed up to date with our VSS releases and are currently running the CTP, there's still plenty here for you.

  • full support for all 6 languages (English, Japanese, French, Italian, German, Spanish)
  • no manual install step
  • 7 extra bug fixes, including some we thought were severe enough to push back this ship date twice 🙂
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  1. Disponibile l’aggiornamento per Visual SourceSafe 2005

  2. Jim says:

    Should this be installed on the server side too?

    I saw no notes about this on the release notes.

  3. richardb says:

    Yes, although there are no changes to either of the VSS server components (RPC LAN service, HTTP web service).  What installing it on the server gives you is the ability to run the latest version of the admin tools (e.g. Analyze) locally.

  4. Yesterday we released an update to VSS 2005 to address customer reported issues and ensure that it will

  5. My VSTS Blog says:

    While all the focus on version control over the past few years has been on Team Foundation Server, it

  6. plodoc says:

    Thanks a lot for this update.

    The file information given at may need to be fixed.

    The new version seems to be 8.0.50727.1551 instead of 8.0.50727.941

  7. Fizick says:

    All users should update to Bad Behavior 2.0.11 immediately to prevent being blocked from your own site.

  8. richardb says:

    plodoc – it’s fixed already 🙂

    Fizick – is this in regards to Avisynth?  I know I haven’t been around Doom9 much this year; I’ll try to have a look this weekend.

  9. Fizick says:

    doom9 is fine 🙂 but wiki (as well as many others wiki ang blogs) is in confusing "anti-spam" read-only mode for about week or two.

    Sorry for off-topic.

  10. Microsoft has released an "update" to fix several issues ( see list here ), but more importantly

  11. Ha sido liberado una actualización de Visual Source Safe 2005 , que entre otras cosas de corregir unos

  12. Wyatt Wong says:

    I installed the SourceSafe 2005 Update but I got the unexpected error from time to time when I perform the "Get Latest version (recursive)" in Visual Studio 2005 with SP1 installed. Please refer to the error message snapshot in SourceSafe 2005 for details.

  13. Binu Thayamkery says:

    I am trying to setup VS.Net 2008 (I use Team System). Installed VSS 2005 Update, still no luck with VS.Net 2008. It does not show VSS integration – No Menu item for Source Control !!

    Any one ….Any clues?

  14. richardb says:

    If you selected "VB developer" the first time you ran VS, the "Source Control" section of Tools -> Options is hidden until you click "more options" at the bottom of the dialog.

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