VS 2008 users: remember to download the SourceSafe CTP

You've probably all seen Soma's announcement that the 2008 suite of products officially shipped this morning.  Good luck downloading -- our servers are pegged 🙂 

If you plan to use VS 2008 with SourceSafe, make sure to pick up the Update CTP too.  Without it, some features like "Open from Source Control" will not work at all.  Pay close attention to the install instructions as well.  As it says in the KB article:

You may receive error messages when you use Visual Studio 2008. This problem occurs because some compatibility fixes require the Tdnamespaceextension.dll file to be reregistered after you install Visual Studio 2008. To reregister the Tdnamespaceextension.dll file, type the following command at the [elevated - RB] command prompt:

regsvr32 "%programfiles%\Microsoft Visual SourceSafe\tdnamespaceextension.dll"

Sorry about the manual install step.  It sucks, I know.  The next Update won't have this requirement.  (We wanted to ship it before Orcas but ran into some last-minute delays.  Expect it before the end of the year.)

Why does SourceSafe need an update anyway?  Aren't VS plugin interfaces supposed to be backwards compatible?  Yes, they are.  In fact, there are no changes to the MSSCCI API in 2008; none of the fixes are related to MSSCCI.  (3rd party source control developers can now breathe a sigh of relief).  The changes come from the way SourceSafe implements Open from Source Control, Add to Source Control, and Share inside Visual Studio. 

Starting in VSS 2005, these functions let you browse the database inside VS's open/add dialogs instead of hanging off the File -> Source Control menu like most other source control providers.  It's a cool trick known as a namespace extension.  In VS 2008, as you may have noticed, those open/add dialogs got a facelift: like VSS 2005, VS 2008 now uses the standard Windows dialogs.  So Vista users in particular get a spiffy new one with integrated search & everything.  Unfortunately, that change broke us pretty badly, leading in one way or another to at least 10 of the bugs on my list.  Bottom line, you don't want to be caught without the Update linked above. 

Hopefully these fixes demonstrate our commitment to keep SourceSafe 2005 a viable option with VS 2008, Vista, and beyond!

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  1. JT says:

    This information should have been added to the VS2008 README.  I only happened to stumble upon it before installing VS2008.

    You may also want to get Scott Guthrie to add it to his blog, in order to get more visibility.

  2. PC says:

    Is VSS2005 the official product for VS2008, or is there a VSS2008 around the corner?

  3. Jason says:

    We’re using vs2005 with sourcesafe 6d. We want to upgrade to vs2008, do we need to upgrade to vss2005 as well? Thanks.

  4. Daniel Moth says:

    VS2008 works with SourceSafe 2005

  5. Jason says:

    Ok, but does sourcesafe 6d work with vs.net 2008?

  6. Если вы планируете использовать VS 2008 с VSS 2005 (по VSS 6.0d пока никакой информации не попадалось,

  7. We are working on an update for Visual SourceSafe 2005 to make it work with VS 2008. We had originally

  8. Utilizzare Visual SourceSafe 2005 con Visual Studio 2008

  9. We are working on an update for Visual SourceSafe 2005 to make it work with VS 2008. We had originally

  10. Glenn Haworth says:

    We also use VSS 6, so to repeat Jason’s question, will VS2008 work correctly with VSS 6?

  11. Richard Berg (BUGBUG) from the Developer & lifecycle tools at Microsoft says: If you plan to use

  12. Johan's Blog says:

    Richard Berg (BUGBUG) from the Developer & lifecycle tools at Microsoft says: If you plan to use

  13. anony.muos says:

    This is so ridiculous…how do you get SourceSafe if you just upgraded from VS.NET 2003? It isn’t on the Team Suite 2008 Trial DVD. And what SKUs get SourceSafe for VS 2008? What about Pro?

  14. Jason says:

    Someone – If you upgraded from VS.Net 2003 then the 2003 disc should have sourcesafe 6 on it. VS.net 2005 did away with sourcesafe and went to team edition. You can however use sourcesafe 6D or ss2005 with vs.net 2005. If you want ss2005 then you need to purchase it.

  15. If you are using Visual Studio 2008 in combination with Visual SourceSafe (VSS) you might be experiencing

  16. Robert says:

    Many people asked if you can use VSS 6d and VS08. Unless something changed from the beta to the live server then yes you can use vs08 with vss 6d.

  17. hazzoom says:

    We are looking for dedicated version of VSS for VS 2008 Pro (VSS 2008).

  18. In my current role as .NET technology consultant I am trying to do all the pre-work required to get the

  19. Joel "Jaykul" Bennett says:

    Is it possible you guys are so inundated with acronyms that you don’t realize that a GDR is already a CTP of a SP, so having a CTP of a GDR of VSS 2005 is really redundantly superfluous? 😉

    Seriously though … do we really need a whole new TLA to describe an untested Service Pack?

  20. P.S. Should have called it:  VS 2008 users: download the VSS 2005 GDR CTP ASAP!

  21. yvesdolc says:

    Of course, on a x64 O.S., that would be:

    regsvr32 "%programfiles(x86)%Microsoft Visual SourceSafetdnamespaceextension.dll"

  22. richardb says:

    I replied in a new post.  Not sure why it didn’t generate a trackback.

  23. Bill Kuhn says:

    I’m now running the CTP update on VSS2005. It didn’t help.

    VS2008 Pro is not automatically checking out files when editing (like VS2005 did perfectly), and even though we have the advanced option to not download original version selected for check-in, it is doing exactly that. we’ve lost a couple of developer days because of this. VS2008 isn’t ready for release since it doesn’t have reliable source control.

    We’re moving back to VS2005.

  24. richardb says:

    Bill, that sounds like a problem with VS2008 — either the SCCI layer or one of the project systems.  If you post on the MSDN "VS Source Control & SourceSafe" forum with more details someone can try to help you.

  25. Yep – it is a problem with VS2008. Installing VS2008 broke sourcesafe integration with VS2005 as well. Now neither VS2005 or VS2008 will properly check-out or check-in the way VS2005 has done for years.

    So even moving back to VS2005 doesn’t help us since it can’t work with VSS now either.

    We’ve installed VS2005 Pro on 4 machines so far, and it is screwed on all of them.

    Absolutely pi$$ed would be far too nice a term to use.

    I’ll try the VS Source Control & SourceSafe forum.


  26. b.paul says:


    I’m running VS 2008 and VSS 2005 on a Vista machine.  I did a clean install of VS 2008 (no prior versions/betas), and VSS 2005).  I then installed the CTP you mention above.  Any suggestions?

  27. b.paul says:

    …sorry….and I still don’t get the "Add Project From Source Control…" menu option

  28. schultz says:




    Source control…

    From "None" to "Source Safe"

    This helped me to get menu item 🙂

  29. richardb says:

    b.paul – make sure you’re looking for the menu item in the right place.  They moved around starting in VS 2005.  

    I see you got help on the forums – http://forums.microsoft.com/MSDN/ShowPost.aspx?PostID=2531593&SiteID=1 – I’ll put together a blog post with pictures so everyone can see what I mean.

  30. Brian says:

    I’d love to move to VS2008, but my company won’t allow me to use a CTP for our production VSS instance.  When will this update RTM?

  31. Si están usando Visual Studio 2008 con Visual Sourcesafe (VSS) tal vez puedan experimentar algunos problemas

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