List of bugs fixed in SourceSafe 2005 GDR

I'm a big fan of the work Brian Harry has done to make our processes more transparent.  Nevertheless, to badly misquote one of my other bosses, "transparency for the sake of transparency is soo 2006."  I chuckled again writing this, because there's a grain of truth there: telling you I produced 4 widgets per furlong yesterday doesn't make your experience with Microsoft dev tools any better.

With that principle in mind, I want to broadcast details about the GDR I just announced.  More than that, I want it to be useful.  To that end:

  • I'm including an ID with each bug.  This should allow you to easily refer to bugs among yourselves and when asking us questions.  I considered using the internal bug IDs, but
    • They would be huge numbers, since it's developed in the same TFS team project as all of Orcas.  Huge numbers are meaningless to you, and possibly offensive to the Orcas folks 😉
    • They would be ordered by Creation Date.  I want my IDs ordered by Resolved Date so that I can easily append to the list as more bugs are fixed.
  • I'm including all bugs regardless of source: DTS bugs, bugs opened on Connect, and bugs opened internally.  (DTS bugs are what get created when a case bubbles up from calls to Customer Support.  Read Brian's post for more details & caveats.)
  • I'm including KB article numbers wherever possible.  All DTS bugs that result in a hotfix eventually get a KB article.  We may write articles for other bugs too depending on time & promises though.


Bug Title

KB article #


DTS:SSuser: SSService.exe fails on Windows 2000 server



DTS SSAFE : hotfix request - analyze 2005 -D removes valid items from database



DTS : Taking much time (over 30 mins) when checking in 20 M bytes excel file.



DTS : Failed to open *.pdf files which are registered on Visual SourceSafe 2005



VSS2005: lost internet accounts listed for file security property after web project file merged change from multiple developer



Analyze reports corruption on database with root labeled



DTS Binary_Mask is not respected during operations like Checkin, Diff, etc  result ing corrupting pDF files



DTS : Visual SourceSafe 2005 doesn't change the past history contents file format.



VSS Merge Changes File Permissions



DTS: VSS2005 - Crash on preview of report from History dialog



comment template only allow 2 lines



DTS: SourceSafe 2005 - Checkin corrupts XML file with diff chain size mismatch error



The VSS button in places toolbar doesnt show when running as normal user



Get Binary file in 2005 results in different file content than retrieving the file in 6.0 (corrupted file)



VSS and Vista:  The SCC provider is not functioning



Switching file filters when looking at VSS database causes the DB logging dialog to comeup and doubles all items



VSS and Vista returning "No such interface supported" when trying to navigate to a VSS database



VSS namespace extension doesn't respect filter (legacy dialogs only)



VSS2005 explorer crash when generate report with "include difference" checked at show history dialog



Vista: Clicking on ">" and then selecting a VSS item in the drop down list on Vista address bar causes another drop down list to appear



Add Existing Item dialog should not remember VSS opened paths



Cannot add multiple files from VSS database



The VSS full path including user and password are stored in plain string on the MRU list of OS dialogs



Fix the Orcas+VSS on Vista MRU Issue



DTS: SourceSafe:  Request for QFE to enable Autodetectencoding property set on checked out items



DTS Ole automation reports An item with the name "" already exists



DTS: Slow performance when checking in large binary file



VSS Explorer does not display history or properties on Win2k



Can't leave file writable during Get Latest



SS history -#1 -L -B could not ignore blank labels



Get replaces writable files



Visual Source Safe Crashes When Right Clicked In TaskBar



Ole automation get does not retrieve blank folders



Show Differences report ignores file selection



Check Out Folder changed to temp directory



VSS / Visual Studio leaking 22 GDI handles each time Diff window is opened.



DTS: SSAFE: Timeout errors from Visual Studio accessing VSS 2005 DB over HTTP



line command get returns version not found



DTS: VSS 2005: GET operation from Interface on folder with over 3000 files much slower than in VSS 6.0



Visual SourceSafe 2005 crashes when right clicking in the taskbar



Canceling a large get operation results in files being left writable



Label promotion after "share, pin, and branch" operation fails when retrieve at subfolder level



DTS Recursive diff  does not follow assign working directories



DTS: VSS 2005 Is there a way to disable auto detect file type when dragging and dropping files in VSS Explorer



DTS:  "File or project not found" retrieving VSSVersion.VSSItem on rollback items



VSS:An unexpected error dialog appears before log-on to VSS database dialog while opening a project from VSS.



Source Safe item in Places Toolbar has a generic name inconsistent with the Whidbey scheme



SCCI: Changing destination folder during OpenFromScc is broken if you have Whidbey VSS + Orcas VS installed



Open Project Dialogs' "Error Renaming Database" alert is not modal



SCCI RAP: Closing VS causes a crash when open an exsiting solution to different destination folder from SCC(Remote)



AddItemProjectFromVSS does not work



Many error alerts appear when opening solution from SCC using VSS Internet (RAP)



Messages do not show in output for source control



Cannot connect to VSS over HTTP when using Vista + Whidbey SP1 + VSS Admin



Archive Pinned File Reverts to wrong version

56 DTS : VSS2005 Analyz.exe throw C++ EH exception.  
57 VSS Explorer launches visual merge when there are no conflicts  
58 Changing the 'Store only latest version' property should require the Destroy permission  
59 SCC/VSS:  SCC Plug-in Settings for "Login ID" is not being retained/used properly...  
60 Visual SourceSafe 2005/6.0d: Can add file with "%" in filename, but can't check-in changes.  
61 VSS: it says "path does not exist" while opening file from SCC to a valid path after uninstalling Whidbey  
62 Source Safe Custom Editor configuration is case sensitive  
63 SCCI RAP: Failed to add web project into vss server when web page is open to design view  
64 Open project from SCC fails with VSS SP1 when running VS as administrator  

In case you're wondering, there is a pretty even mix between the sources of bugs that I mentioned above.  To be exact:

  • DTS: 22
  • Other CSS customers: 6
  • Connect: 11
  • Internal testing: 16

(charts and statistics are as of 6/6/2007 - I will update this)

"Other customers" are bugs that were reported to Customer Support Services but opened outside the DTS process, either because the issue was not severe enough or the customer didn't want to pursue a hotfix.  So in sum, 39/55 or 71% of the bugs we are fixing come directly from you.  Keep'm coming!

update 8/6/2007: added #56-57.  I'm not going to recalc the statistics.

update 11/16/2007: added #58-63.  No stats recalc.  These will be in the final release only, not the CTP we shipped in July.

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  1. Richard Berg blogged today about the upcoming SourceSafe GDR . Think of it as a service pack for SourceSafe

  2. This is super cool…I hope there are similar lists for some of the other GDRs and SPs. It’s so hard to make out what fix went in otherwise!

    Good stuff!

  3. Joe Wilson says:

    This looks good, thanks! Any plans to allow more than 260 characters for the file path?

  4. Kun says:

    Were "check out local version" options enabled in this release?

    One of the options is…

    "Check Out the local version, and merge the database version with your changes?"


  5. richardb says:

    Joe: no.  Most Windows file APIs don’t support >260 characters.  Not even our big brother Team Foundation expanded this limit.

    Kun: I believe this was fixed as part of #29.  Let me doublecheck that we’re talking about the same thing — I will post to that forum thread.

  6. Patrick says:

    Does this mean that we can now host the visual source safe web service on Vista now?

  7. richardb says:

    Patrick: that’s up to the Windows team.  We need IIS 7 to support WebDAV.  I’m hoping we won’t have to wait for SP1.

  8. Turbot says:

    Where can I download the SourceSafe 2005 GDR, thanks

  9. Erling Nielsen says:

    I’m looking forward to the GDR. Nice work! Will any of the changes improve check in & check out time from remote locations?

  10. I’ve been on vacation the last two weeks, and was silent for several weeks before that. Lots of things

  11. I've been on vacation the last two weeks, and was silent for several weeks before that. Lots of things

  12. You’ve probably all seen Soma’s announcement that the 2008 suite of products officially shipped this

  13. Just a quick note to let you know that I’ve updated the list again. To recap: you can get fixes #1-57

  14. Just a quick note to let you know that I've updated the list again. To recap: you can get fixes #1

  15. My post about VS 2008 and the SourceSafe CTP generated lots of questions . I’ll do my best to answer

  16. My post about VS 2008 and the SourceSafe CTP generated lots of questions . I'll do my best to answer

  17. I’m very pleased to announce that the wait is over. Today the first official update for SourceSafe 2005

  18. Nun ist also auch SourceSafe für Visual Stdudio 2008 verfügbar und steht hier zum Download bereit. Der

  19. Nun ist also auch Source Safe für Visual Stdudio 2008 verfügbar und steht als Update hier zum Download

  20. Bien que fervent utilisateur de Team Foundation Server / Team System, je sais que VSS est toujours bien

  21. Microsoft has released an "update" to fix several issues ( see list here ), but more importantly

  22. Microsoft has released an "update" to fix several issues ( see list here ), but more importantly

  23. Nun ist also auch Source Safe für Visual Stdudio 2008 verfügbar und steht als Update hier zum Download

  24. Ha sido liberado una actualización de Visual Source Safe 2005 , que entre otras cosas de corregir unos

  25. Visual SourceSafe 2005 更新プログラム

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