SourceSafe users, update your bookmarks! Alin Constantin’s homepage has moved

Power users should be familiar with the great work Alin did during his time on the SourceSafe team.  He was one of the most active forum participants and compiled a great set of tips on his personal website.  Not to mention his extensive development on the product itself.

Until now, his website was hosted on his own server at home via dynamic DNS.  While it was surprisingly stable considering the circumstances, it was hardly the place for such useful info.  Any time his ISP went down or he rebooted the machine, we'd get desparate emails from customers or even internal MS support engineers.  Luckily, we can now lay those to rest.  Microsoft Visual SourceSafe and Visual Studio source control integration help and tips now has a permanent home.  Topics covered:

  • Microsoft Visual SourceSafe and Source Control resources
  • Installing and configuring Microsoft Visual SourceSafe for Internet (Remote) access
  • About Visual SourceSafe Passwords and Security
  • Source Control Bindings explained
  • Microsoft Source Control Interface
  • .root folders explained
  • Is Source Control integration really worse in VisualStudio .NET than in Visual C++ 6.0?
  • Renaming and deleting files in projects under source control in Visual Studio (the good, the bad and the ugly)
  • The SUO file and Web Projects in VisualStudio .NET
  • Files used by source control integration in VisualStudio .NET
  • I got an "Unspecified error" message in VisualStudio .NET, what now?
  • Using Visual SourceSafe 6.0 with Visual Studio 2005
Be sure to check it out if you never have.  There's also some new content, such as Vista instructions & screenshot in the Remote Access article.

Comments (3)
  1. Chris Anders... says:

    It seems the direct links from the post are wrong. Going to the new site first, then navigating to the article works.

    Example: for "Is Source Control integration really worse in VisualStudio .NET than in Visual C++ 6.0? " the direct link is:

    But from the new site, it is:

    One works, the other doesn’t. Looks like the "webdocs/scc" is missing.

  2. richardb says:

    Thanks Chris.  Looks like Windows Live Writer didn’t know how to handle the relative paths as I copy/pasted.

  3. Alin says:

    Btw, the "old" site is still there (it’s the website hosted on my home computer) and will always be available (as long as my computer is running and have internet access) at , no matter which dynamic dns name I’m using at the moment.

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