How to use TFS for source control only

Personally, I’ve never had a problem simply ignoring the features I don’t need.  Nevertheless, this is a frequent request.  If you’re sick of waiting 10 minutes every time you want a new top-level folder, Paul Hacker has a solution for you: Empty Process Template.  It’s not completely gutted, but it should cut down the amount…


Deploying SourceSafe automation on clean machines

“I’ve written an app using IVSS.  Why won’t it start?” This question has come up a few times.  Unfortunately, Dependency Walker can’t answer it.  And the issue probably won’t reproduce on the developer’s machine if he has the full SourceSafe 2005 installed.  So let’s spell it out: regsvr32 /s ssapi.dll SSAPI is the core VSS library. …


A few good men: the next SourceSafe servicing release, recruiting, and you

Many of you have wondered aloud when VSS 2005 SP1 will finally arrive.  I can’t answer that yet, because the answer may be “never.”  Fortunately, that’s just semantics, as we’ll see in a moment.  I do have some information for you today — all of it good — as well as a way you can help….


SourceSafe users, update your bookmarks! Alin Constantin’s homepage has moved

Power users should be familiar with the great work Alin did during his time on the SourceSafe team.  He was one of the most active forum participants and compiled a great set of tips on his personal website.  Not to mention his extensive development on the product itself. Until now, his website was hosted on…


TFS Team Project whitepaper

As promised, we finally have some guidance around structuring team projects.  What can you do within a team project?  What can you migrate between projects?  Which settings are global, which are scoped only to Team Projects, and which can be broken into their own hierarchies?  Doug Neumann reveals all.  Here’s an overview of what he…

New CodePlex project: TFS Event Handler

In their own words: Project DescriptionThis is a service based system with a front-end allowing the dynamic addition of event handlers for Team System. Users can upload their own custom Handlers as part of an assembly which are then loaded and executed on the server. This application runs in conjunction with TFS (Team Foundation Server)…