New TFS tool – TFSProxy

I love it when participating in the community pays off.  Barely a week later, we had a neat little applet posted to CodePlex:

Project Description

This little plugin will allow you to switch tfs proxy servers or disable the tfs proxy. It's also possible by installing a webservice to enable the add-in to be automatically configured.

Here in our Raleigh office, the proxy up to the main DevDiv server (hosted in Tukwila) is vital for good performance & saving bandwidth.  Still, as part of developing and testing the product, we are regularly connecting to dozens of random servers.  Needless to say that leads to a lot of TF15013: The requested Team Foundation Server is not registered with the proxy server popups.  Hopefully having a quick way to enable/disable the proxy setting will help.  (The official way is not exactly quick.)

Comments (4)

  1. My VSTS Blog says:

    As with most version 1.0 products, VSTS/TFS has its fair share of rough edges. These will undoubtedly

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  3. Filip says:


    I’m the creator of the small add-in. I’m happy to see you are blogging about it. The project is currently offline at codeplex because it has been deleted by mistake. I’ll put it back up in the week that’s coming.

    greetings, Filip

  4. Just a small update to say I’ve put the project on codeplex back online (

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