SourceSafe 2005 Update is available for download!

I’m very pleased to announce that the wait is over.  Today the first official update for SourceSafe 2005 went live on the web.  Download away — it’s only 3.5MB. To quickly bring new readers up to date: this update is a rollup of 64 VSS bug fixes.  We focused hard on customer pain points; almost 3/4…


VS 2008 and SourceSafe Q&A

My post about VS 2008 and the SourceSafe CTP generated lots of questions.  I’ll do my best to answer all of them. Q: Why wasn’t this information in the VS2008 README?A: It should have been.  It was definitely in the Orcas Beta1 and Beta2 READMEs.  I haven’t checked the RTM copy but if it was…


List of SourceSafe bugfixes updated

Just a quick note to let you know that I’ve updated the list again.  To recap: you can get fixes #1-57 today via the CTP build.  English only, I’m afraid.  The final GDR ships later this year in all supported languages (English, Japanese, French, Italian, German, Spanish).


VS 2008 users: remember to download the SourceSafe CTP

You’ve probably all seen Soma’s announcement that the 2008 suite of products officially shipped this morning.  Good luck downloading — our servers are pegged 🙂  If you plan to use VS 2008 with SourceSafe, make sure to pick up the Update CTP too.  Without it, some features like “Open from Source Control” will not work at all. …


‘tf checkin’ exit codes

All tf.exe commands return one of these: public enum ExitCode { Unknown = -1, Success = 0, PartialSuccess = 1, UnrecognizedCommand = 2, Failure = 100, } You should never see -1.  Code 2 is only for the very specific case where you mistype tf someboguscommand <…>.  The important exit codes are 0, 1, and 100. …


SourceSafe Explorer: what does the "build tree" checkbox do?

When you run Get on a folder (aka project) in VSS Explorer, you’re presented with these options: (if you don’t get this dialog, try holding Shift) Most of the options are obvious, but not “build tree” — at least not to me.  The online help explains it thusly: Projects only. Overrides the working folders for the…


TFS Version Control Concepts 3: Item Versions and the two meanings of ‘Changeset’

Let’s recap Items one more time. Items are unique.  They have an ID that no other item does. Items are versioned.  Like all version control systems, TFVC is about making it easy to store successive versions of the same item and retrieve old ones when necessary. Items have names.  Yes, plural.  At a rudimentary level,…


TFS Version Control Concepts 2b: Namespaces in practice

Command Line usage In Source Control Explorer, you’re always operating on pending space.  At the command line, it’s less clear.  Consider the following setup: you’re working in a directory $/project that’s mapped to c:\project and contains two files a.cs and b.cs.  For the sake of argument, we’ll say they have itemIDs 1 and 2. c:\project>tf ren…


TFS Version Control Concepts 2: Item Names

Last time we learned that the principle objects in the source control system are called Items, and a few of their basic properties.  That was awhile ago so let’s recap: Items are unique.  They have an ID that no other item does. Items are versioned.  Like all version control systems, TFVC is about making it…


Did you know? How to bring up old-style dialogs in SourceSafe 2005

One of the changes made between VSS 6.0 and 2005 was to replace ancient file dialogs with common dialogs from the Windows Shell wherever possible.  Check out the 6.0 version of Set Working Folder: It just screams “Win 3.1”, complete with floppy diskette icon in the dropdown.  By contrast, if you install VSS 2005 on…