Microsoft’s Custom Vision Cognitive Service

I’m in Sydney, Australia this week to speak at the Build Tour. Besides the keynote, I’m presenting a session on Artificial Intelligence and Microsoft’s new Custom Vision Service. Custom Vision has received significant developer interest since Cornelia Carapcea introduced it in the Build keynote this year. As I prepared for my Australia trip, I thought…


Bot Authentication in the Bot Framework

About a year ago, my colleague and resident bot wizard, Mat Velloso built a .net package for bots authenticating and calling services secured by Azure Active Directory (such as the Microsoft Graph). As Mat’s AuthBot gained momentum, Mat and I discussed how we could improve and move it forward. We decided on the following: Support…


Office Add-ins with Contextual Bots via Back Channel

Last week I published a post on using the SharePoint Framework to embed contextual bots in SharePoint. In it, I described how the same approach could be used to embed a contextual bot in an Office Add-in. This post will illustrate how to do exactly that. I will walk through the development of a modern…


SharePoint Framework and Contextual Bots via Back Channel

This year Microsoft has made significant developer investments in SharePoint and bots, with new developer surfaces in the all-new SharePoint Framework and Bot Framework (respectively). Combining these technologies can deliver some very powerful scenarios. In fact, SharePoint PnP has a sample on embedding a bot into SharePoint. The sample does a good job of explaining…


Microsoft Teams and OAuth in Custom Tab

Custom Tabs provide developers with canvas to integrate their own user interface into Microsoft Teams. Developers have a lot of flexibility in what they load in the tab, but source domain(s) must be registered in the tab manifest. This is very similar to Office add-ins. In fact, you can think of tabs as Microsoft Teams…


Microsoft Teams and Custom Tab Theme

Custom tabs are an extensibility component in Microsoft Teams that allows developers to embed web content within a team channel. Tab content is effectively loaded in an IFRAME to ensure the appropriate isolation. Isolation should not compromise the native feel of a tab, so Microsoft offers the Microsoft Teams Tab Library to enable a tab…


Delivering Better Applications through Microsoft Teams

When Microsoft announced the public preview of Microsoft Teams, I think they unveiled the future of Microsoft productivity. It provides a single canvas that aggregates relevant information and tools across Office 365 and many 3rd party applications. 3rd party integration is made possible by a compelling extensibility story that developers can take advantage of today….


Adding Office 365 Connectors from a Mobile App

Office 365 Connectors are a powerful way to aggregate group information and content into one place (regardless of the source). Third parties can use connectors to send useful information and content into Office 365 Groups where users can have conversations, collaborate, and take action on that third party data. Developers can leverage the Connectors Developer Dashboard…


Using OneDrive and Excel APIs in the Microsoft Graph for App Storage

The Microsoft Graph is constantly evolving with new and powerful endpoints. If you want a glimpse into current engineering investments and future of the Graph, take a look at the latest developments on beta branch. One of the beta endpoints I’m particularly excited for is the new Excel APIs. The Excel APIs allow you to perform advanced manipulations…


Angular 2.0 and the Microsoft Graph

Yesterday, the AngularJS Team announced the official beta release of Angular 2. The beta milestone is a significant achievement that should motivate developers to give Angular 2 a serious consideration for new web/mobile projects. Besides getting ready for primetime, Angular 2 offers some significant improvements over Angular 1 (just read here). In this post, I’ll…