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  1. Matt K says:

    Thanks for the awesome solution! This has been a roadblock for external sharing in our own Office 365 deployment.

  2. Angelica Silveira says:

    Is this a tool that is automatically built and all we ahve to do is run it?  Or is basic programming on our end need to be put in place?

  3. Hey Angelica – I wouldn't consider the solution production ready and it is offered without support/warrantee. That said, it functions as outlined in the blog without additional coding (just deployment). I would likely recommend additional logging, exception handling, and testing before deploying anything. Hope that helps!


  4. Rashmi says:

    hi Richard, Eventhough I have sites shared to external users, in my office365 admin page,it shows no external users..tried querying it from code as well, it tells no users. But i can see the users in the site settings page access requests.

  5. Kirk Liemohn says:

    Richard, this a great solution.  Thanks for providing this.

    I wanted to mention that I am not seeing the same thing you are when it comes to having external users available in the people picker.  Here's what I know…

    If they are already in my tenant, they do not necessarily show up in the people picker for me.  What I'm seeing is that they seem to get cached by the browser when used in the people picker for a list edit.  Once cached by the browser, they are available in that site collection and others for for use in the "share" people picker as well as the list edit people picker.  In this case they are available with a single character (does not require 3 characters).  If you clear your browser cache it does clear this cache.

    Once in the user information list for a site collection, the external user will be available after 3 characters are entered (both the "share" people picker and list edit people picker), but only within that site collection.  External users are only found when entering the first character(s) of the first name or email, whereas internal users can be found by last name as well.

    I need to write a blog post on this as it is very confusing.  I don't know if the rules have changed over time or your SPO tenant is behaving differently than mine today.  I have tried this with a few browsers, but my tests are in no way exhaustive.


  6. Kirk Liemohn says:

    I blogged about how the people picker works for me in my tenant.  Check it out here:

  7. Charles Sorgie says:

    I enjoyed your blog entry, thank you.

    When you delete the external user, are you performing the equivalent of a PowerShell Remove-SPOUser, Remove-SPOExternalUser, both, or something else? I ask because I believe the former will still let the user log in and will still grant them access via an Everyone permission, and the later will prevent them from logging in while not removing them from any permission groups.

  8. Henrik Norlin says:

    I get build errors and warnings of 5 referenced components that could not be found:






    How do I resolve this?

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