Set enableViewStateMac to false or specify when using a web farm in a stateless load balance.

  Using enableViewStateMac requires that successive requests be forwarded to the same server (i.e. server affinity).  This feature is used to help prevent tampering of a page’s view state; however, it does so based on an auto-generated validation key on the current server.  From this key, a message authentication code (MAC) is generated and sent in the…


Increasing the maximum request length for an HTTP request in ASP.NET.

There are many times where the default maximum for an HTTP request in ASP.NET is not suitable.  One can go into their web.config or machine.config and change the value for maxRequestLength. Visit for more details.


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BizTalk Server Adapter for SharePoint Libraries

For those that are interested in connecting BizTalk Server 2004 and Windows SharePoint Services (or SharePoint Portal Server), there is now an adapter you can use.  It comes in the form of sample code which you can download and use. BizTalk SharePoint Adapter Of course I am mentioning this because I wrote all the SharePoint…



My name is Richard Crane.  I work for the Microsoft Technology Center (MTC) in Waltham, MA (Boston Area).  Our job is to help customers architect solutions on the Microsoft server platform.  My primary focus is on Visual Studio.NET and SharePoint Portal Server 2003. I also help customers test their applications for performance and scalability.  We have…


Windows Update, Windows XP SP2, and more!

As a Microsoft employee, I can certainly sympathize with customers who were receiving updates from so often that it seemed like a daily occurrence.  I got so used to selecting Internet Explorer -> Tools -> Windows Update and seeing all those updates.  Now, I visit the site only to find that my updates come…