Using WindowsFormsHost to host InfoPath Forms in WPF

Here is a basic sample to host an InfoPath form inside of Windows Presentation Foundation.  This sample shows how to use the WindowsFormsHost to embed the Microsoft.Office.InfoPath.FormControl in a WPF application. “Hosting InfoPath FormControl inside WPF Application” on CodePlex

WPF RoutedCommand Example

So I know a lot about many things technical; however, I really haven’t done much with WPF and Silverlight until just recently.  Along the way I usually write simple applications to help understand a particular concept.  This application shows how to use WPF Routed Commands.  More specifically it uses the NavigationCommands.Search command. One interesting aspect…

WinFxHttpCompression Module Now On CodePlex

It has been a long time since GotDotNet took their site down, but finally I can say that the code for the WinFxHttpCompression module is now on CodePlex.  Go to  

I have been tagged!

Bob German tagged me on his blog.  This seems to be the equivalent of a chain letter or some multi-level marketing scheme.  Just kidding Bob!  This seems to be a great way for people to get to know other people.  So I guess the purpose of the tag is for me to write about 5…