Advantages of my HTTP Compression module over other on the web!

Someone asked me why I should use your HTTP Compression module over some others on the web.  The difference is in features!  My compression module has a number of advantages.

1) Mine is completely reliant on .NET 2.0 Classes.  Therefore it gets the goodness that is .NET 2.0.  For example I use Generics for some of the features that I support.  This reduced the amount of code I had to write.

2) There are a number of features that IMHO opinion are MUST HAVES.  For example, my HTTP Compression Module supports compressing WebResource.axd resources, works with ASP.NET's DefaultHttpHandler, and does not break if you call Response.End from an ASP.NET Web Page or Handler.

3) I use the out-of-the-box .NET Compression classes.

   No licensing, no costs, and no GNU licenses issues!
   Fully supported by Microsoft!

NOTE:  There are better compression libraries that are available if you are willing to pay the money.  I prefer the Xceed Streaming Compression libraries.

4) I added some management and debugging capabilities that would allow administrators and developers to determine what is going on.  I hope to enhance this significantly in the future.

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