VSO Sprints: Introducing Git improvements, Azure AD Groups support and new Work Item form

Hello dear!

Continuing with my retrospective about VSO Sprints videos, in this one we've got great news from Sprint 89 of VSTS (former Visual Studio Online). The most amazing one, in my opinion, was the new Work Item form.

Let's take a look at each new feature the team delivered:

  • Azure Active Directory Group Support
    • You can now use the groups you defined in your Azure AD to work with permissions in VSTS.
  • Starting with git, made easy
    • The team made some improvements to the first user experience with Git on VSTS.
  • Improved commit details
    • The summary got better so you can now see the commit message in a better way. There's also a better way to view the diff with the parent commit
  • SonarQube analysis from a Maven build task
    • After this deployment, we got a new simple checkbox on the Maven Build Task to run a SonarQube analysis
  • PREVIEW: New work item form
    • A brand new Work Item experience! New layout; prepared for customization; discussion and more.

You can see above only the features you are most interested. But, if you want to watch the entire VSO Sprint video, just use the embed below (and we'll be pleased!):

See you!

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