Command Line Parameter Changes in Outlook

As part of SP3 for Outlook 2003 (and included in SP1 for Outlook 2007) we’ve made a change to the way command line parameters are parsed to ensure Outlook is always doing the right thing.  As part of this change, a less common way of attaching files to new e-mail messages through command line parameters…


Why are you still using ECEs?

Stephen Griffin is asking this question over on his blog. If you’re using Exchange Client Extensions and haven’t been able to port your solution over to an add-in (for a reason other than budget concerns or legacy support), now would be a good time to chime in and let him know why.


Common Properties on Outlook Controls

If you’ve started to take advantage of the new Outlook controls on form regions in Outlook 2007, you may have noticed something strange. None of the controls have common properties you would expect all controls to have: Visible, Width, Height, Top, Left, etc. You might be thinking we missed some obvious test case here, but…


Microsoft Office System Developer Conference 2008

I just noticed that the official site for the 2008 Microsoft Office System Developer Conference has gone live. For the first time this year, the conference is open to the public, so any and all Office System developers can attend. The conference will be in sunny San Jose, Feb 10-13, 2008 (and the weather should be…


Outlook 2007 GDI Leak Hotfix

If you are running Office Outlook 2007 and Windows Vista together, you might be running into the Windows GDI limit and experiencing issues with Outlook. After your Windows Vista-based computer has been running for an extended period of time, with Office Outlook 2007 running, Outlook may stop updating the screen correctly. For example, you may…


Outlook 2007 PIA Documentation Online

Are you a managed add-in developer for Outlook 2007, who’s been wondering where the documentation on the Outlook 2007 PIA might be?  Well look no further, because the Outlook 2007 Primary Interop Assembly Reference is now avaialble on MSDN.  No longer will you need to use the VBA reference shipped with Outlook 2007 when writing…


Why does my Outlook event seem to stop working

Wes has a good post over on his blog explaining another common problem that a lot of Outlook solution developers run into: Imagine we have some code in an Outlook addin that looks similar to code below. Does anyone see anything wrong with it? It simply places a button on the menu bar and shows a…


Mysterious Errors When Using Form Regions from Managed Code Add-ins

I’ve been noticing some feedback lately where a number of developers were having problems working with the controls on their form region.  Usually, these problems manifested as Outlook’s object model returning null values back when trying to access the Controls collection of the UserForm object in the Microsoft Forms 2.0 library (which was accessed from the…


New Outlook Team Blog

We’ve just rolled out the new Outlook team blog, which is the “one-stop-shop for tips, tricks, and rants directly from the Outlook product team.” Don’t worry though, my blog won’t be going away.  I’ll continue to blog about Outlook programmability, custom forms, and other developer-centric parts of Outlook.


Outlook 2007 Performance Update

If you’ve been watching other blogs, or the recently published KB articles, you probably have seen this already, but I thought I’d point it out for the rest of you.  Last week we released an update for Outlook that fixes some issues that we were not able to fix for Outlook 2007 RTM.  Included in…