Updated Outlook Gadgets Now Available

For those of you who were excited about the Outlook 2007 gadgets for the Windows Vista sidebar, but had some issues with the first version posted, I have some good news.  We’ve just released version 1.0.121 on the Windows Live Gallery. The updated build of the gadgets fixes the following problems: Incorrect display of appointments…


Update on the Outlook Gadgets

Well, after two days out in the wild, some reports are coming in of problems with the gadgets.  We’ve isolated these problems down to two known issues: The gadgets don’t appear to do anything on computers with a UI language other than English The appointments gadget incorrectly displays appointments if the locale settings of the…


Outlook Gadgets Now Available

I’m happy to announce that tonight the first two official Office gadgets went live on gallery.microsoft.com!  If you’re running Windows Vista and Outlook 2007 then I encourage you to go out and download the gadgets and get the experience of the Outlook To Do bar from the Windows SideBar. I take a special interest in…


VSTO 2005 SE & Outlook Form Regions

I just noticed that TQ posted a sample VSTO 2005 SE add-in for Outlook 2007 that implements form region handling. I know a number of developers in the Outlook community have been looking for a good sample on how to build a VSTO add-in that uses form regions since simply implementing FormRegionStartup on the ThisAddin…


Converting Bitmaps to IPictureDisp

If you’re writing your Form Region solution in managed code, and you decide to provide the manifest information as a resource in the add-in, you’ll need to return all of your icons for the form region in a format Outlook knows how to parse. Unfortunately, Outlook doesn’t handle the managed code types System.Drawing.Bitmap and System.Drawing.Icon…


Post B2TR Changes for Form Regions

Shortly after we released Outlook 2007 beta 2 technical refresh to the world, we took a change on the Outlook platform to enable a new method of retrieving manifest and icon information for Outlook form regions. The reason for this change was partially due to customer feedback we received during the beta, that add-in developers…


Beta 2 Technical Refresh

I’m always late on posting these announcements, but as of Sept 9, the B2TR release of Office 2007 is available on the MS download site.  B2TR is available only as a patch to Office 2007 beta 2, so if you already have that installed don’t start uninstalling it yet. If you haven’t downloaded Office 2007…


Third Party Add-ins and Outlook 2007

While we spend a great deal of time and effort to ensure that the Outlook platform is 100% backwards compatible with previous versions of Outlook, occasionally add-ins do something unexpected, or use the platform in an unexpected or undocumented way.  These add-ins can misbehave and cause problems when running against a new version of Outlook…


Blog Q&A

A while back while I was taking about forms, I got a number of questions from readers out there in web land who wanted to know more detailed answers to some questions. I haven’t been ignoring you, I promise, but we’ve been super busy getting Office 2007 beta 2 technical refresh ready for public consumption….


Nearly a Month

It’s been nearly a month since my previous post about the shutdown fixes for Outlook 2007, and I should appologies for not having anything useful to add to the blog today.  However, I’ve been busy working on content for a new book on Outlook programmability that will be coming out eventually. In the mean time…