Outlook 2007 PIA Documentation Online

Are you a managed add-in developer for Outlook 2007, who's been wondering where the documentation on the Outlook 2007 PIA might be?  Well look no further, because the Outlook 2007 Primary Interop Assembly Reference is now avaialble on MSDN.  No longer will you need to use the VBA reference shipped with Outlook 2007 when writing your managed code. This reference provides help context and information on the classes, properties, methods, events, and interfaces provided in the Outlook PIA.

Even better, if you are using Visual Studio 2005 or Visual Studio 'Oracs' you can get an integrated help experience for Outlook object model types simplying by placing the cursor on an Outlook type (for example, Items.IncludeRecurrences) and pressing the F1 key. For this to work, you do need to make sure Visual Studio is configured to try online help, either through the "Try local first, the online" or "Try online first, then local" setting in the Visual Studio help engine.

One advantage of the help being online on MSDN is that you can provide feedback and ratings on individual topics in the PIA reference by clicking the "Click to Rate and Give Feedback" link at the top of each help article. If the article really helps you out, give it 5 stars.  If you're still stuck and need more information, write a constructive comment that indicates how we can better help solve your needs.

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  1. Praise the Office developer gods! It’s about time!!

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