New Outlook Team Blog

We've just rolled out the new Outlook team blog, which is the "one-stop-shop for tips, tricks, and rants directly from the Outlook product team."

Don't worry though, my blog won't be going away.  I'll continue to blog about Outlook programmability, custom forms, and other developer-centric parts of Outlook.

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  1. George says:

    All right. I give up!!

    What is the secret to capturing the "Click" event of the large "Send" button that is located on the Meeting Request form (and Mail form also I guess) to the left of the "TO; Subject; and Locations" boxes???

    I can capture the click event for the Send buttons in the Ribbon (via XML code & callback routines). I used to capture the Send button click events in Outlook 2003 with CommandBarButton code, but none of that seems to work for this large Send button on the form in Outlook 2007.

    Is there not a way to capture the click event for this button? I know I can capture the item.send event but I really want to have code run up at the button level where I can do some processing and cancel the click event if I want to, like I used to for Outlook 2000,2002,2003.

    Help me Mr. Wizard!!


  2. rgregg says:


    Unless you are using a custom form, you can’t capture the click event of the button in the form.  You would need to implement your logic in the MailItem.Send event, which is cancelable if you want to prevent the item being sent.

  3. Christopher Kohler says:

    I have been writing my own macros using the Visual Basic for applications editor.  The problem I’m having is that when I go to rules and try to create a new rule or edit an existing rule and then select "run a script" in the actions section, there is nothing available there.  I do not see any of the named sub procedures either in my project or in this Outlook session.  Can you help me with this?

  4. Bill says:

    Do you know if the Business Contact Manager can be linked to a contact folder in an exchange public folder? Or does it only connect to the personal contacts?

  5. Ralph says:

    Suddenly, my incoming emails are repeating everytime is press send/receive.  I have not adjusted any settings.

  6. Bob Ward says:

    Can you tell me where I can get help with an Outlook 2002 problem? My software deletes my E-mail when I print it or forward it.

  7. rgregg says:

    Bob, the different support options available for Outlook 2002 are listed on our support page:

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