Updated Outlook Gadgets Now Available

For those of you who were excited about the Outlook 2007 gadgets for the Windows Vista sidebar, but had some issues with the first version posted, I have some good news.  We've just released version 1.0.121 on the Windows Live Gallery.

The updated build of the gadgets fixes the following problems:

  • Incorrect display of appointments when using non-US locale settings
  • No display of appointments when a sync conflict exists in the calendar
  • All date/time formatting was always in US English format
  • Text clipping in high DPI modes

The gadgets are still only available for computers running a US English version of Outlook, but the workaround posted in the comments of my blog are still valid for these versions as well, but now with less work to be done to get the date formatting right.

Also, if you already have a version of these gadgets installed, you will need to close the gadget before you can install the updated version.  Unfortunately you will need to reconfigure the gadget since the settings are stored per instance of the gadget.

Download the new Outlook Tasks and Outlook Upcoming Appointments gadgets.

Edit: It appears the Task gadget has not yet been updated.  I've contacted the site owners to get this issue resolve.

Edit 2: The task gadget has been updated now.

Comments (6)

  1. The Outlook Tasks gadget is no longer marked certified and says it is from a third party in the Windows Live Gallery.

    Additionally, I can confirm that the appointments gadget looks good at 134dpi now, but the tasks gadget looks the same. I can send a screenshot if it would be useful.

  2. Actually, ignore my previous feedback. It looks like the tasks gadget hasn’t finished propagating to the download site so the gallery lists version 1.0.121, but 1.0.99 downloads.

  3. Well, it is still send me 1.0.99 after clearing by browser cache, so it isn’t looking like the tasks gadget got updated on the gallery right.

  4. This looks like it is up on the gallery now. DPI issues appear to be gone. However, currently, the download is not marked certified as the prior version was and acts like it is coming from a third party, but I suspect that is just intermittent.

  5. Rbennett says:

    Can you suggest a book that I can study to learn more about creating and using Outlook Forms.  Is there one specific to forms that been published?

  6. anony.muos says:

    I just came to know that you guys have taken the stupidest decision of replacing the IE-based HTML engine with the Word one. Goodbye Outlook.

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