Outlook Gadgets Now Available

I’m happy to announce that tonight the first two official Office gadgets went live on gallery.microsoft.com!  If you’re running Windows Vista and Outlook 2007 then I encourage you to go out and download the gadgets and get the experience of the Outlook To Do bar from the Windows SideBar.

I take a special interest in these because I was closely involved with the development effort and getting these gadgets out for everyone to use.  Thanks to the efforts of Melissa, Ted, Kent, and Radu for helping make these available.

Links to the gadgets:

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  1. Ryan Gregg lets us know that the first "official" (meaning MS designed) Sidebar Gadgets for Outlook 2007

  2. BS says:

    Hi! How do I install these gadgets on a german Vista RTM with Outlook 2007 B2TR? Nothing happens right after I choose "Install". Or do I need the full version of Office 2007?



  3. AdamB says:

    Very nice idea. BTW is it possible in RTM to change the transparency of the sidebar? These gadgets would be more useful if the sidebar was "always on top", but then I would want it to be transparent maybe at around 20% (when I hovered over it, it would go to 80%). Or instead of that, if it worked like TIP where if I move my mouse to a little thing on the right, the whole sidebar would slide out?

  4. Ryan Gregg , Program Manager for Microsoft Outlook, has announced on his blog two new Outlook Gadgets

  5. rgregg says:

    BS: These gadgets are currently only available for US-English.  Unfortunately there is a bug in the gadget gallery that shows all gadgets to everyone.

    We’re investigating making these available for several other languages, but I don’t have any word on when or if those will be made available.

  6. rgregg says:

    AdamB: I don’t know if you can change the transparency of the whole sidebar (I can’t seem to find a way) you can change the transparency of the individual gadgets.  For example, you can right click on a gadget, and set the opacity to 20%, and then when you hover over the gadget it will come back to 100%.  This might accomplish something similar to what you are looking for.

  7. Over on Melissa’s & Ryan’s blog they announce the Outlook 2007 Sidebar gadgets for download:  Outlook

  8. Where can I submit feedback? In any case, my feedback is that both gadgets, and in particular the tasks gadget do not look correct at 134dpi which is the resolution of my screen and consequently the DPI setting in my Vista installation.

  9. Dave says:

    Installed on Vista Ultimate RTM, with Office 2007 RTM.

    The upcomming appointments only showed the first appointment in my calendar, dated back in 2004 and I could see no way to alter it.

  10. Vince says:

    I just covered this info on my blog, good job Ryan

  11. rgregg says:

    Brantgurga:  I’ll take that feedback and see what we can do with it.  134dpi is typically higher than we normally test it with, so it’s possible something is just messed up there.

  12. rgregg says:

    Dave: What regional settings are you using on your machine?

  13. GeorgB says:

    Wow, thank you, these are the first really useful gadgets I’ve seen so far (maybe the voodoo doll)!!!

    But as already mentioned, they are language dependent. To change thatby yourself to match your local/regional settings , decompress the gadget (I used 7-zip) and rename the en-US folder to match your language settings, e.g. I used de-DE. Then zip it, rename to .gadget and you are done.

    At least with the task gadget, the appointment needs a little bit more work, the date strings are in US format,… was not all to hard to modify that.

    @Dave this seems to be the problem also in your case, wrong date function, thats why you are in 2004… (or maybe thats the secret function to reveal the planned realease of Vista, who knows,…)

    I have a modified version of the gadgets to work with the german RTMs on my Vista Blog site http://www.vistablog.at The modfications were not too complex, I changed only the date functions (and removed the AM/PM to 24h clock)… only enogh that it will run, the screentext is still in english. (Hope thats ok for you Ryan,… otherwise please drop a note, and I’ll remove the downloads in a second, its just that vistablog.at is in fact a Microsoft site, and more important: for the first time I see a real use of the sidebar…)

    thanks for that!


  14. Frank says:

    Same problem as Dave here.. Using an english Vista RTM, but with danish regional settings.

  15. Over at Ryan Gregg’s blog, PM for Microsoft Office, he announced the release of the first two official…

  16. Adam says:

    What about one for new mail?

  17. rolf says:

    for those using Vista in German, here is a link to a blog post showing how to change the settings which makes the gadgets work on german Vista.

    see http://www.vistablog.at/stories/2132/

  18. We have launched. I am happy about that and also absolutely knackered. We launched to press on the 30th

  19. chewy says:

    A Vista Sidebar Gadget is a small app that runs in the "Sidebar" of Windows Vista. The gadget’s goal

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