Beta 2 Technical Refresh

I'm always late on posting these announcements, but as of Sept 9, the B2TR release of Office 2007 is available on the MS download site.  B2TR is available only as a patch to Office 2007 beta 2, so if you already have that installed don't start uninstalling it yet.

If you haven't downloaded Office 2007 beta 2, it's not too late.  You can download the bits still from the Office system preview site, however due to the number of downloads we've seen already, we're charging a small fee for the download (sorry!).  You can also order beta 2 on CD via mail.  Of course, if you do download or order beta 2, make sure you install B2TR right away!

I strongly encourage any and all ISVs to download and try out these bits.  B2TR is extremely close to what will be shipping when Office is released, with only minor changes in situations where major scenarios are blocked or broken.

Comments (5)

  1. malc says:

    I have just installed the TR and now I do not have an open dialog box in any of the suite

  2. Brett says:

    I love the new UI design, very interesting.  Will take some time to get used to; however, I do have one small issue.  In order to change the "theme" of the suite, you can’t do it in Outlook.  Isn’t Outlook a part of the Office Suite?  It’s the only program where the large office icon isn’t in the upper left corner.  Plus, you can’t change from the bright blue to any theme from within Outlook.  That would be something nice to see.  Uniformity in the suite rather than one product that is separate from the rest.

    As for the open dialog, I get that perfectly fine.  No other issues to complain of so far.

  3. I whas using MS Office 2007B2 for about 3 to 4 month and have no major bugs accept when i whas tryng to connect whit exchage server 2000 that whas not supported whit 2007, but yesterday i did install the B2TR patch and Outlook wont open anymore said i have no memory available ?

    Running XP2 sp2
    Intel 3.6ht, 2gig of ram dual channel whit raid 0 hard drive.

    Hope you like this feedback.

    Have a nice day.

  4. Mike Jones says:

    I was using MS Office 2007 B2 for about 5 months with no major problems. On September 29 I downloaded the Beta 2 Technical Refresh and I found that I could not open any files in any of the office suites due to a conflict with Norton. The error message said that it needed to be updated, so I did that, and still had the problem. i thought if I removed Excel and put it back on it might eliminate the problem. When I did that, Outlook was eliminated and I can’t put it back on. i thought if I would take 2007 off totally off I could get rid of the Technical Refresh and reinstall 2007 without it. When I do that, i get a 1402 error message, Registration Key Unknown. At this time I can’t recommend putting the Technical Refresh on.

  5. jez bennett says:

    just downloaded tech refresh- can’t send and receive.
    Error says
    An OLE registration occurred. The programme is not correctly installed. Run setup agin for the programme.

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