What’s New for Developers

Randy’s article, “What’s New for Developers in Microsoft Office Outlook 2007” was just published over on MSDN. The article includes our first downloadable sample code for beta 2, which includes the “what’s new” add-in, a collection of sample code snippets that will help developers get up to speed with some of the changes in Outlook 2007.

More articles are coming soon, including updates of the samples we’ve released previously to operate with Outlook 2007 beta 2.

Comments (4)

  1. Laughing John says:

    In the OL2007 OM can you copy a message from one folder to another without first saving a copy in the original folder or opening the message ?

  2. Frank says:

    Is there any developer documentation for Outlook 2007 available now? Even preliminary reference material would be helpful.



  3. AdamB says:

    Any chance of getting a response to my reply under "custom forms"? I think it would make for an interesting post.

  4. rgregg says:

    AdamB: I’ll see if I can craft a new post to answer your questions.  I’ve been a bit short of time for blogging lately, but I’ll see what I can do.

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