Moving towards the TAP

As we get further along in the Office product cycle, we’re getting closer to starting the TAP (Technology Adoption Program) and actually getting the new bits into a limited number of customer hands. What’s great about this is that it means we’ll start getting the first feedback about the new programmability changes that we’ve introduced in Outlook 12. For more information about TAP and the benefits the program can provide, check out MWCC’s post about the program in general.

Unfortunately I still can’t talk a lot about all the changes for a variety of reasons. However, I’m looking forward to the start of hearing customer feed back about the new product features and during the PDC later in the year we’ll be able to show off more of what’s been added to the Outlook OM and our new changes.

In the mean time though I’ve been “playing” with Visual Studio 2005 Tools for Office and getting to know that product better along with really diving deep into the world of Outlook programmability. Since I’m still relatively new to Outlook (only been here for almost 7 months now), I want to make sure I better understand the limitations of our current OM and the pain points for Outlook development. Searching the web provides a good resource, but certainly if any of the blog readers out there have anything to comment on let me know!

I also want to apologize for not having more to say right now, but as soon as I can talk publicly about the new work we’ve done you can bet I’ll be sharing everything I can.

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