AppFabric Courses available over the web

The AppFabric courses that we announced earlier are now available over the web. Please take sometime to familiarize yourselves with this new technology: Developer Introduction to Windows Server AppFabric (Part 1)Developer Introduction to Windows Server AppFabric (Part 2)


BizTalk Hands on day in Australia & NZ!

The BizTalk Saturday, a great initiative from our Partner & VTS community in Australia & NZ is open for Darwin, Sydney, Melbourne & Brisbane with Perth, Canberra, Adelaide, Auckland and Wellington.  


Managing BizTalk Governance with SO-Aware

G’day Folks, One of our partners, Tellago, has developed an interesting WCF RESTful Registry solution, SO-Aware™. Jesus Rodriguez is presenting a webinar tomorrow on about how SO-Aware can help you manage your WCF and BizTalk solutions. If you are interested, here are the links:


What’s New in BizTalk 2010 Training Kit!

Folks, The BizTalk Server 2010 training kit is out and includes labs and training videos to help you learn about the new features of BizTalk Server 2010. After downloading the training kit, just unzip the files to the root of the C drive (checkout the Readme for additional instructions). This training kit contains the following content:Hands…


BizTalk 2010 has RTM-ed

Folks, today we’ve formally announced the RTM of BizTalk 2010 & GA on Oct 1st 2010! Click here for the announcement. Download the free Developer edition now! Checkout the new AppFabric connect.


AppFabric CAT Team Blog

Folks, the AppFabric Server CAT team has begun blogging about some of the technical guidance & best practices from AppFabric, BizTalk, WCF, WF, SQL Data Modeling & StreamInsight technologies. Click here for the blogs.


BizTalk Mapper Test works but fails when deployed

Check your Receive pipeline – Pass Through Receive will not work, change it to XML Receive and you’re cooking with gas! I needed a custom pipeline (to make it equivalent to XML Receive I had to drag an XML Disassembler) – I also needed an XML Validator and it all worked like a charm.


AppFabric Deep Dive Training in Europe arranged by CODit

Folks, Just got an email from Sam Vanhoutte (one of our V-TS partners in EU) that Jon Flanders is flying over to Europe give a training on AppFabric, WCF and Workflow.  This training is open for customers and partners and takes place in Brussels, mid-june. More information can be found here: Thanks Sam!